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Prime Members with Citibank cards: $30 off first AmazonFresh order of $50+ (with $50+ in non-AmazonFresh items)

If you are an Amazon Prime member or planning to start a 30-day Free Trial (the $100 per year plan) and you have a Citibank credit or debit card, and you haven’t placed an Amazon Fresh order before, there’s a hot new offer that has now been activated because of a new addition to the regular Prime benefits.

However, there’s something tricky about the way it is works. It requires some trial and error (adding and removing items from your shopping cart until it activates). But I think I figured out how it works. Details below…


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99c HD Rental: Mockingjay Part #1 (Hunger Games)

Decidedly beating even Redbox prices (unless you have the Lucky Rewards promo codes) is a new limited time offer at Amazon Instant Video. You can rent the MockingJay Part #1 movie of the Hunger Games series for just 99c in HD! This is the third movie in the series and runs 123 minutes.

You have 30 days to start watching it after you pay. Once you start watching, you have 24 hours to finish watching it. You can watch and rewatch it as many time as you like during those 24 hours. Given the length of the movie, you can watch it 11 times in 24 hours, unless you skip the credits, then 12 times 🙂

99c MP3 album: “Born Free” by Kid Rock

For a limited time only, Google Play is offering Kid Rock’s 2010 album “Born Free” for just 99c total. This is an mp3 album with 13 tracks, headlined by the title track which is also the opening track which is also relevant given the Independence Day celebrations this week.

YMMV: $5 off promo code from Kohls

If you are part of the Kohls emailing list or Rewards program, check your emails! You may find a new promotion for Kohls. A coupon that gets you $5 off a purchase either in-store or online. This is unconditional $5 off. So you could use it on a $5.01 item or anything more expensive. The promo code appears individualized, so don’t give it to other people if you plan on using it. The promotion runs June 29 until the end of day on July 5 in 2015.

In parallel with that, they have a coupon that gets you 15% off and this coupon expires July 9 in 2015.

The terms and conditions are in that email but for your convenience, I am also including them after the break…

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Starbucks: Two Frappucino Stirrers for $1

During the 4th of July weekend, Starbucks brick and mortar stores have a new promotion, a two for one on their $1 chocolate Frappucino stirs. These are long thick straws but made of edible wafer and chocolate. You can use them in a frapucino, or just eat them on their as snacks or desserts. They are about 90 calories each. No coupon needed, the offer happens automatically at the register during the holiday weekend. Just don’t blame me for the extra calories 🙂

eSecure Wireless USB 6-button mouse for $6

This mouse goes under many brands, wired or wireless, including a variation that sells under the Monoprice. In our case here, we have the eSecure branded version, it is a wireless (USB dongle) mouse with the all important two side-buttons (forward and back) in addition to the standard left and right and DPI adjustment and scroll wheel. Needless to say, don’t expect this to perform like a $100 Logitech flagship, it’s a bang for the buck play. I have the Monoprice wired version and it’s pretty good for what it is. It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 73 customer reviews at It is fulfilled by them, so get free 2-day shipping if a Prime member. Limit 30 per customer. This is powered by one AA battery and operates at 2.4 GHz.

YMMV: MGo $2 promotional credit

If you have an M-Go account (an entertainment industry funded digital movie and TV seller and renter), you may have received an email notifying you that they added a $2 store credit to your account. You have one month to use it on purchases or rentals (except where prohibited – some movies/studios place restrictions of this nature), so pay attention to the expiration date.

NOTE: earlier in the year M-Go abruptly played a switcharoo by changing their rewards system from earning points toward free points, to earning points that get you discounts on future purchases. A pretty nasty move from a consumer perspectiev but very few people use M-Go that much, so it didn’t get a lot of national attention. Not a classy move M-Go!

Free Gift for Google Play users: Night at the Museum in HD

IF you have a Google Play account, check your emails! There is a specially coded email there that gets you the movie “Night at the Museum” (the first one from 2006) for FREE in HD. All you have to do is click the link there, and it will take you to Google Play where you can add it to your library for free. You have to be logged on to your Google Play account that received the email offer. You have until July 5 (2015) to do this, but don’t wait until the last minute. Sometimes things like this may end earlier.

NOTE: this is not free if you try to buy it directly from Google Play. You have to use the Google Play promotional link.

99c HD Rentals: Halo:Nightfall and Halo:Dawn

M-Go has a limited time special, offering two different Halo movies as an HD rental for 99 cents each. This includes the brand new Nightfall and the previous Forward Unto Dawn.

You also earn 50 M-Go Rewards points, but M-Go changed their rewards program a few months ago, making it a lot worse. Before the change, you would use the points towards rentals, so if you had enough points, you would get free rentals or purchases. With the new program, you only get discounts on purchases, so it’s really a horrid rewards program.

Free TV Pilots: Complications (USA) and Killjoys (Syfy)

This is a hot summer TV season with more and more shows coming out. If you like to checkout the pilots, uninterrupted by annoying ads, for a limited time, the following pilots are FREE to own and in HD (unless otherwise indicated):

Also free, not a pilot but the first episode of Season 2 of TNT’s “The Last Ship” is available for a limited time for FREE on iTunes.

June 24-30: 18oz Fresh Blueberries for $2 (limit 4)

This is the best blueberries deal I recall seeing! During the week of June 24-30 (2015), at Smart and Final stores, according to their Weekly Ad, you can get a 18oz pack of fresh blueberries for just $2. That’s an insane $1 for 9 oz! There is a limit of four per customer per visit. Their weekly runs from Wednesday AM to Tuesday PM. If the initial wave sells out quickly, they could restock later on during the shopping week.

Google Nexus Player by ASUS for $67 [Android TV]

Apple accidentally started a streaming box price war when they discounted their prehistoric Apple TV earlier in the year. As a result, there are some good news on non-Apple streaming boxes as well. Case in point, the Google Nexus player (Android TV) made by ASUS is currently on sale, in new condition, for around $67 at A gamepad is available but it is sold separately and it is optional for the operation of the device.

Audio CD: Nirvana’s Live at Reading for $5

If you like buying Audio CDs because you can get 16-bit 44 kHz audio and convert it to FLAC, a great deal is available at Amazon, the 25-track Live at Reading by Nirvana is on sale for $5, in new condition. On top of that, you also get the mp3 version of the album available immediately after you place an order. As the title suggests, this is a live album.

Amazon Prime members now can order from AmazonFresh with a Fee

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you have a new non-free benefit in your account now. Prime members can now place orders through AmazonFresh without having to be part of the $300 per year AmazonFresh program. However, there is a delivery fee, for orders over $50, you pay a flat $8 delivery fee. If you are an AmazonFresh member, you pay a $0 delivery fee for orders over $50.

You can do the math, basically if you only occasionally want to get groceries from Fresh, or you place large but infrequent orders, Prime with the $8 delivery fee is the way to go. The Prime membership is $100 per year, while the AmazonFresh (which includes all the Prime benefits by the way) is $300 per year. So a difference of $200, divided by $8, means if you plan to place under 25 AmazonFresh orders per year, you save more with Prime plus delivery fee.

June 23-29: Buy 3 Fraps, Get 8 Bonus Stars Total

Starbucks continues its Rewards attach in this summer with yet another promotion. This runs June 23-29 in 2015 and goes like this: if you purchase three Frappuccino blended drinks during this period, you will receive 8 Bonus Stars at the end of this promotional period. This is a “challenge” type thing, you can only use it once during this promotion and you will receive the bonus stars by July 9. You don’t have to manually opt-in. You still earn the usual one star per purchase.

Please note that some of these offers may be targeted, so always check your email or your Starbucks apps to make sure you are eligible for these promotions. I have no way of knowing how many people get offered these.