AMEX Offers: $10 Statement Credit on $40+ Etsy purchases

It’s Etsy time! Check your latest American Express offers (aka AMEX Offers). One of the offers you may find in your account is a $10 statement credit if you make $40+ in purchases at Etsy by 3/22/18. You don’t have to spend $40+ in a single purchase, but rather, throughout the promotional period, paid with the same AMEX credit card obviously. The offer expires 3/22/18.

But first you must add the offer your AMEX account by pressing the little “Add to Card” bubble at their Offers page or app.

AMEX Offers: Spend $10+ at FedEx Office, Get $5 Statement Credit

If you have a big print job or copy job or shipping to do, grab all your “to do” items and head on to your local FedEx Office (or use their website). If you make a $10+ single purchase by 1/31/18, you will receive a $5 statement on your AMEX card.

This too is part of the AMEX offers, so BEFORE you make the purchase, make sure you logon to AMEX Offers and activate this offer in your account by clicking on the “Add to Card” thing. If you have multiple AMEX credit cards on the same account, make sure you activate it on the card you intend to use to pay for your FedEx order!

This offer expires 1/31/18!

AMEX Offers: Spend $50+ at GNC Website, Get $10 Statement Credit

The clock is ticking on this offer! You have until 1/31/18 to spend $50+ at the GNC website, and receive a $10 statement credit on your American Express credit card. This too is part of the AMEX offers, and BEFORE you make a purchase, you MUST first activate the offer in your American Express account by pressing the little “Add to Card” button at the Offers page or using the AMEX app!

This offer is only good for their website, NOT their brick and mortar stores. You can get to $50+ in multiple transactions, it doesn’t have to be a single $50+ purchase. But this must be done by 1/31/18, thus the clock is ticking 🙂

AMEX Offers: 10% Starbucks Statement Credit (up to $5)

If you have an American Express credit card, check the latest AMEX offers! One of them is the return of the Starbucks offer! After you activate the offer in your AMEX account (click the little “Add to Card” bubble at the AMEX offers page), you will earn a 10% statement credit on your Starbucks purchases, up to a $5 statement credit.

In other words, the next $50 you spend at Starbucks will get you $5. That’s the maximum bonus. Might as well reload your Starbucks card with $50+ in one go so you can get the whole $5 statement credit right away 🙂

AMEX Offer: Make $200+ single purchase at Sherwin-Williams, get $50 Back

If you are planning various purchases at Sherwin-Williams brick and mortar stores by mid-December 2017, you may want to group all those purchases into a big $200+ purchase. That’s IF you have an American Express credit card, and IF you go to the AMEX OFFERS section of their website and locate this offer IF you are being offered it in your account.

But if you are, and you accept it, that’s a pretty good cashback amount! If your order total is just over $200 that’s like a 25% off discount. As Larry David likes to say, it’s pretty, pretty, pretty good!

AMEX Offer: Spend $75+ at Reebok, Get $15 Statement Credit

This is a potentially practical American Express offer. If you make purchases (they can be more than one) of $75+ total by September 4 in 2017 at Reebok’s website or their brick and mortar stores, you will receive a one-time $15 Statement Credit to your American Express account.

The offer only works at Reebok stores, not at any other shoe seller or department store. If you have multiple AMEX credit cards, make sure you pay with the one you activate the offer with, otherwise you won’t receive the statement credit.

AMEX Offers: Spend $15+ at GrubHub, Get $5 back

Another offer of edible interest is making the rounds at the American Express Offers, which you can easily find when you logon to your AMEX account. They are waiting for you below the account summary up top. One such offers gets you a $5 statement credit if you spend $15 or more at GrubHub during the promotional period which ends July 31, 2017.

You must first activate the offer by adding it to your account, which is easier than it sounds, you just press the “Add to Card” button 🙂 You only earn one $5 credit during this promotional period.

AMEX Offers: $300 off in Yelp Ads purchases of $300+

If you have a local business that you want to promote, and you have an American Express credit card, you may want to head on over to the American Express Offers. This is the section below your statement summary on the AMEX website, AFTER you logon with your account. There’s a variety of offers swimming in that ocean, but they are targeted, so not every card holder gets every offer.

This offer gets you $300 off a purchase of $300 or more in Yelp Ads to promote your business. This is a promo code to use when making the Yelp Ads purchase, it is not an “Add to Card” promotion. Here is a larger version of the picture below where you can see that the promo code to use for this offer is 0517YELPAMEX300.

Per the terms there, the offer is good for first time Yelp purchases, and it must be paid with an AMEX credit card. The promotion runs until 8/28/17. It cannot be combined with other offers. This is NOT a statement credit or Membership Points. You will get a straight up discount at Yelp. So if you order $310 in Yelp Ads, the coupon will drop the price down to $10. This is a random example, I don’t know what kind of ad packages Yelp offers!

AMEX Offers: Spend $15+, Get $5 statement credit

The battles for cordcutters are heating up as more and more companies are offering LIVE TV plans now. Once upon a time, this was thought of as unthinkable. Now it’s raining options. One of the options, one of the first in the game, is SlingTV, having the lowest entry price for a basic plan ($20/month). And they are participating in the American Express offers…

If you spend $15+ on SlingTV, paid with your AMEX card of course, you will receive a one time $5 statement credit. So to get this offer, all you need to do is paying for a month of the service. As usual, you have to first activate the offer by adding it to your card (see screenshot above). And needless to say, the AMEX Offers website must needs offer this option to you, because some of this offers are targeted or YMMV or limited activation quantity.

AMEX Offers: Spend $200+, Get $20 back on Car Rentals

If you have an American Express credit card, check the Offers section (below the activity summary page when you login to your account). There is a new offer that gets you $20 back as a statement credit if you spend $200+ at car rentals. These have to be booked directly with the car rental companies, not through agents/intermediaries. The good news is that three different companies are eligible for this, so you have more flexibility if you have particular preferences: Alamo, National, and the non Star Trek Enterprise 🙂

Make sure you pay attention to the deadlines. Also note that registration is limited, so if you are potentially interested, do the “Add to Card” thing to register the offer to your account. Registration may close before the offer expires. But once you register your card, you have until the expiration date to use it.

AMEX Offers: Spend $250+ at Hugo BOSS, Get $50 Statement Credit

If you are a fan of the Hugo Boss brand (and stores), check your AMEX offers to see if you have been offered this promotion. You login to your account, and below the account summary, the various AMEX offers are presented in an ever-scrolling fashion. One of them is this, screenshot of which below:

If you spend $250 or more, in a combination of purchases at their website and brick and mortar stores, you will receive a $50 statement credit on your AMEX account. One use per customer. The offer runs until 5/11/17. You must first claim it (“Add to Card”) before you can earn the bonus.

It appears to be offered on both AMEX Blue and Membership Rewards cards. YMMV as always with the AMEX offers.

Extra Membership Point at Best Buy and Macy’s

This is another American Express Offer you can find in the “Offers” section when you login to your account. It is available only to cards that participate in Membership Rewards (not the lovely AMEX Blue), and it is YMMV. First you have to find these offers in your account (some of them are targeted, so only some people get them), and then you have to manually activate them, which sounds ore complicated than it is, you just press the “Add to Card” button for every offer you are interested in. You can “Add to Card” on as many offers as you like, including all of them. But you have to do it one by one 🙂

An extra 1% may not be much but if you are only getting 1% in points anyway at Macy’s or Best Buy, then it is doubling up your Rewards points 🙂

Here are the screenshots of the two offers, Best Buy first, then Macy’s:

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YMMV Amex Blue Offers Upgrade to Preferred with $150 Bonus on $1000+ spend

If you have an American Express Blue credit card, check your AMEX Offers (at their website or app). You may have been offered an Upgrade promotion to the Blue Cash Preferred credit card. The upgrade promo is a $150 statement credit if you make $1000+ in purchases during the first three months of the upgrade.

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Buy $300+ in AMEX Gift Cards, Get $20 Staples Gift Card via Easy Rebate

Staples is back with another prepaid gift card Easy Rebate promotion, this time it is the turn of American Express to do the 20/300 dance. You buy $300+ in American Express gift cards at Staples stores until the close of business on Saturday 12/10/16 (in a single transaction) and you will receive a $20 Staples gift card via Easy Rebate (which can be submitted online, no need to mail anything in).

As with before, the trick is to get to $300 with one or two gift cards, so the activation fees won’t eat into your $20 Easy Rebate. If you pay with a credit card that has a higher percentage on office supplies (eg Chase Ink has 5%) then you can make a small profit there, and then use the gift cards to pay for items that would otherwise only get you 1% or 2% back in credit card rewards.

AMEX Offers: Spend $5+ at iTunes, Get $5 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card and like to shop at iTunes, check your latest AMEX Offers! Their new offer is pretty good, if you make $5 or more in purchases until 12/31/16, you will receive a $5 AMEX statement credit. You don’t even have to spend the $5 in a single transaction. This is a cumulative offer. It has a limit of one per customer during the promotion.


As with other offers like this, you have to manually first add it to your account by clicking the “Add to Card” button in the Offers section of the AMEX website. If you have more than one card on the same login, make sure you are activating it on the card you intend to do so.

Note also that while the offer is good until 12/31/16, the time frame to add it to your card is often shorter, because they sometimes have a limited number of activations. To cut a long story short, if you are planning of using it, add it to your account as soon as you see it, don’t assume it will be available to sign up for until the end of the promotional window.

Having said that, once you add it to your card, the offer remains in your account until the expiration date. The shorter time frame is for adding to your account, not using it (once you activate it).