“Get Out” Movie for $12 with BluRay + DVD + Digital

The super-smash-hit movie “Get OUT” is now on sale for $12 by Amazon actual in a super versatile set of Blu-Ray and DVD and Digital copy. Handy if you like to watch movies at different places or for larger families. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time unknown. The Oscars are coming though…

IF you haven’t seen this movie yet, try not read up any spoilers or reviews before you watch it!

The Theory of Everything for $5 (BluRay + DVD + Digital)

If when you buy a movie you like to have it available in all media options, and you like or are curious about the movie “The Theory of Everything”, $5 is all it gets to get it in a bundle that includes the BluRay disc, the DVD disc AND a digital copy too! All these from Amazon actual. You can buy up to five bundles at this price.

There is a catch however, this is marked as an Amazon Add-On item, so you must place an order totaling $25 or more in Amazon shipped products. If not, the shopping cart will simply refuse to let you buy it.

The Blomkamp Film Collection for $10 on BluRay (District 9, Chappie and Elysium)

Grab your Amazon wallets and add to cart now! $10 is all it takes to get this Limited edition collector set that features a trio of Neill Blomkamp Films! His breakout film “District 9”, the fresher take on AI robots in “Chappie” and the movie ruined by Matt Damon (“Elysium”), by far the most conventional and predictable of these three movies.

The limited edition is because you get a 64-page digibook, along with a number of limited release special features on the discs. including an hour of specials on Chappie and an alternate ending. The other two movies get extras too!

You betcha I’m getting one when I place my next Amazon order today 🙂

Attack On Titan Season 1 BluRay for $28 w/free S&H

Season 1 of the Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” is streaming on Netflix and Hulu. But if you want more content and in BluRay quality, the Season 1 BluRay set (that’s 25 episodes) with some director commentaries and BluRay specials is on sale for $28 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit up to two sets per customer at the sale price.

Season 3 of the Attack on Titan anime is scheduled to come out at some point between Spring and Summer in 2018 and it looks like it will be Season 1 rather than Season 2 length. Season 2 “only” had a dozen episodes.

For a list of episodes, check the very user-friendly epguides website. Not loaded with ads and crap like most entertainment websites these days 🙂

Blomkamp³ Limited Edition Collection for $13

This is a great deal! Three great scifi movies (okay, 2.5 since Matt Damon is in one of them), the Blomkamp³ Limited Edition Collection on blu-ray is on sale again, going for $13 at amazon.com with up to five sets per customer at this sale price. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order.

This set is encased in a 64-page digibook, with additional features on District 9 and Elysium found on the discs. Chappie has an hour of extras, including an alternate ending.

The set averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 141 customer reviews. It is in the list of things to get when I place my next Amazon order! Nom-nom!

Killjoys Season 2 BluRay with Digital HD for $17

“Killjoys” is an underrated and underappreciated space science-fiction TV series that is airing on Syfy and Canada’ SPACE channel. It has its own unique style and personality, which may not be for some people, HOWEVER, this has a lot of in-world mythology and world-building, and there is an underlying story underneath it all, so you are not just watching episodic television, it has an overarching arc.

The TV show is currently not available at any of the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Prime), which makes this sale even better, because for under $17, you get the BluRay sett with Digital HD (Ultraviolet, through NBCUcodes) at amazon.com. This is a limited time sale, with up to three sets per customer during the sale.

Meanwhile Season 1 goes for just under $21, likewise in a BluRay set with Digital HD.

There’s also a music discovery component to the show as they play a lot of new and fresh music throughout the episodes!

LOTR Theatrical Trilogy for $10 on BluRay [limit 3]

Lord of the Rights time! If you like the theatrical editions of the trilogy, and you like the BluRay format, you can get those three movies on a BluRay set for $10 total at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit three collections per customer during this sale. These are not the Extended editions with the bonus footage Petyr Jackson added later on. This is the version of the movies that was shown in the movie theaters (thus the “Theatrical”).

That’s almost 400 minutes, that’s almost a shift at work 🙂 So you are getting 40 minutes per $1, a pretty good value if movies were sold like food by the pound 🙂

Compete Series on Blu-Ray: “HeLL on Wheels” for $55

If you like to have TV shows on physical media, the complete series of AMC’s critically acclaimed “Hell on Wheels” is currently on sale for $55 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. This is not a lightning deal, so it will continue until it ends 🙂

As far as a I can tell (from looking at the box) a digital copy is NOT included. This show run for five seasons on AMC, with 57 episodes total. That’s about $1 per episode 🙂

Outlander Season 2 Collectible BluRay set with Extras for $33

Sing me a song for a BluRay set that is exclusive and not gone! Amazon currently has on sale an exclusive Outlander Season 2 Blu Ray set for $33 with a limit of up to three sets per customer. This includes the Bluray discs (obviously) along with these extras:

  • bonus disc with 20 minutes of extras
  • a 32-page physical colorful book from the show and its production
  • sneak peek at book #9 in the book series by the great Diana Gabaldon
  • collectible box that holds everything mentioned above

Scifi Complete Series: Battlestar Galactica for $36 [BluRay]

This is a great deal for an instant classic sci-fi TV show! The UK import edition of the BluRay set of the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series (all four seasons, the mini-series, and some (but not all) of the made-for-TV movies and extras) is offered in a region-unlocked set, in new condition for $36 fulfilled by Amazon. A marketplace seller is offering them, but they are Prime-eligible, so free shipping if you are a member.

Note however that a digital copy is NOT included. You get the TV series in BluRay and that’s it. Given the price, this is cheaper than completing the series if you have some but not all of the individual season and half-season bluRays. When this was airing on TV, each TV season (back when they had 20+ episodes) was sold (and aired) as a half-season.

Note also that you get five episodes twice. They include their air cut but also an extended cut. They are included back to back on their respective disc, so you get to decide which one to watch. Or watch both 🙂

You can see a summary of the special/bonus features in the red segment of this customer review picture.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 BluRay for $5.30 (not a typo!)

If you are missing the second half of the final season or if you only want to have the last ten episodes, the BluRay with Season 4.5 of the rebooted Ronald D. Moore “Battlestar Galactica” TV series is on sale for around $5.30 at Amazon.com, and that’s not all. This is Prime eligible, ships from Amazon’s warehouses, and it is not an Add-On item, so if you are a member, you get it delivered to you without the need for additional purchases to get free shipping.

This comes in three discs, with a total of ten episodes, episodes 4-11 to 4-20. If you don’t remember what’s what, refresh yourselves with the episode list at the very useful and very lightweight on the browser epguides.com.

Farscape Complete Series on BluRay for $65

If you are a fan of space-based scifi television and you haven’t watched Farscape yet, what are you doing? Drop everything and start watching! This was a boldly going TV series that dared to try all kinds of things that were at the time unheard of (I won’t go into spoilers here). Regardless, this is not a movie review blog, so to the sale we go, you can get the complete series on BluRay for $65 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer.

This came out at a time when TV seasons were 20+ episodes long, so the four seasons included here included 88 episodes! (see epguides for breakdown). Note however that this set does not include the mini-series “Peacekeeper Wars” which is sold separately. This mini-series was in a way in compressed form of what would have been the fifth and final season.

BluRay Deal: Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary for $8

Richard Hatch fans. Okay, not just him, but fans of the original Battlestar Galactica. A version of the movie-pilot (125 minutes commercial-free runtime) of the series is now on sale, in the 35th Anniversary Blu-ray edition, for just $8 at Amazon.com, same price as the DVD version.

Check the reviews if you are looking for a specific version/edit of this (yes, there are multiple). Multiple versions are on the same review page, so to find the reviews for this particular anniversary blu-ray, use this link that pre-filters for it. There are forty reviews for this particular version out of a total of 280+ for all versions.

Science Deal: “Into the Universe” BluRay for $8.50

Science deserves its deals too. The critically acclaimed documentary “Into The Universe” with Stephen Hawking is currently on sale for $8.50 and eligible for free 2-day Prime shipping at Amazon.com. It averages 4.5 out of 5 with 140+ customer reviews. Runtime is about 130 minutes, so it’s accessible, you don’t have to devote a month to it. It is essentially three TV episodes long. It is a Discovery and Gaiam production. The BluRay is currently slightly cheaper than the DVD even!

Lord of the Rings Theatrical Trilogy BluRay for $13

If you like the Lord of the Rings movies as they were seen in the movie theaters, but don’t want all the extras and extended scenes, you can save a lot with this special edition at amazon.com, the original theatrical release trilogy (three LOTR movies, not Hobbit movies) for $13 total. You just get the movies on BluRay, no Digital Copy. Limit two per customer during this sale. Free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member (or if you select slow shipping, you get a $2 digital credit towards future digital purchases).