15% off at Peets Coffee with free shipping

Starbucks is not the only game in town. On the West Coast, Peets has a strong following but you don’t have to be on the west coast to enjoy their coffee. You can buy it at their website and until April 2 in 2019, coupon code ANNIVERSARY19 gets you 15% off. You also get site-wide free shipping in the US.

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St Patrick’s Special: 17% off at Peet’s Coffee

If you are a fan of Peet’s Coffee and Tea, you have found the right post! Good until the end of the day on Saint Patrick’s Day (that would be March 18 in 2019), coupon code LUCKY17 gets you 17% off at the Peet’s Coffee website without a minimum purchase amount required to get the discount.

Shipping is extra, this is not a free shipping promotion, but their shopping cart may have its own free shipping offer.

I do not know if the coupon can be used by everyone or only by Peet’s Rewards members (aka Peetniks). Their shopping cart will politely tell you whether it is so or not when you enter the coupon while logged on to your account 🙂

As usual, exclusions apply and the coupon cannot be combined with other offers. And so forth…

Peetnik Bonus Points promotion!

If you are a fan of Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik’s Rewards program (or do not object to joining – it’s fairly easy and free to do so), they are running a promotion between April 9-15 in 2018. Make four checkins during the promotional period and get six bonus points. The four checki-ns must be on four separate days, so you must needs visit Peet’s for four of the seven days of the promotional period. Foods and drinks of all price ranges are eligible for the promotion.

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12 ounce Peets Brazil Minas Naturais (Ground) for $3.79

Experience real fresh coffee! It’s Peet’s time! Especially if you don’t have a Peet’s coffee shop near you, the internets can save you! Amazon is currently offering the Brazil Minas Naturais medium-roast Peet’s coffee in the iconic Peets coffee bag for $3.79. This is ground coffee. You can buy up to four bags at this sale price.

This is a regular Amazon purchase, not the darned “Subscribe and Save”, HOWEVER, this is an Add-On product, so you must needs make a purchase of at least $25 in eligible products (things that are shipped or fulfilled by Amazon actual).

This is a limited time offer, but not a lightning deal, so I have no idea how long it will last.

Peetnik Rewards: Double Points on Pumpkin

National Coffee Day weekend continues at Peet’s Coffee with double points on their two Pumpkin beverages when purchased using the Peets rewards program. A typical purchase is one point (regardless of amount or number of items). Fifteen points equal one free beverage of your choice (any drink, any size).

Assuming you spend your free drink reward on the largest and most expensive drink you like, with extras and fix-ins and all, let’s say a $6 drink, that means one point is worth around 40c in rewards. ($6 divided by 15). So double points means you get an extra 40c 🙂

The promotion runs October 1-8 in 2017.

Peets Rewards: Triple Points on $10+ purchases

If you are participating in the Peet’s Rewards program and you like to buy coffee beans or ground coffee or boxed tea at their local B&M stores, or like to buy drinks for friends and family, good until 9/24/17, they are running a new promotion that gets you Triple Points every time you make a purchase of $10+ during the promotional period.

With regular rewards, 15 points (15 separate purchases) translate to any FREE handcrafted drink of your choice, any size, any combination. With this triple rewards offer, only five separate purchases (over $10+) can get you any free drink of your choice.

So if you were planning to buy two pounds of coffee and a box of loose leaf tea, instead of buying them all together, space them out during multiple visits, so each order is $10+ 🙂

Their new fall items should also be trickling in. Remember, you can get to $10+ with any combination of drinks, food, coffee cups, coffee beans, etc. Just make sure you pay for all of them in one transaction 🙂

Pay $5, Get $10 Peets e-Gift Card [invited shoppers only!]

Speaking of Peet’s Coffee, Living Social (now owned by Groupon ~ which is why their website looks a lot like Groupon with a different paint job) has an invite-only promotion an electronic Peets e-gift card. Invite-only offers work only if you received an email from LivingSocial that you are eligible for the promotion. Or you can login to your account and try to buy it and see if it allows you or not.

To cut a long story short, for a limited time, you can get a $10 Peets e-Gift Card for $5. That’s a 50% off discount, a great deal for sure! You can use the gift card at the Peets B&M stores or their website.

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Peetnik Rewards: Double Points on Cold Brew until 9/17/17 PM

The Peets Rewards program is establishing a pattern of frequent and diverse type of promotions. The latest promotion, running until the close of business on Sunday 9/17/17 gets you double points on cold brew purchases. This particular promotion is good on either hand-crafted cold brew drinks (eg black tie or cold brew fog), or any of the bottled (ready-made) cold brews.

Unlike previous offers, this particular promotion can be used as many times as you like during this promotional period, so if you are a fan of Cold Brews, drink away 🙂

If you have the Peetniks app installed, and you haven’t turned off notifications, your phone should be informing you of these. Or if you hate Notifications, you can find the promotions in the “Inbox” of the app:

Peets Rewards: Double Points on $10+ purchases until 8/13/17

If you are a member of the recently launched Peets Rewards program which incidentally gives you one FREE DRINK after you make your first purchase as a Peetniks rewards participant, they have a new promotion running until the close of business on 8/13/17.

You earn double points on purchases over $10 or more (before taxes and other fees). Meaning the product prices must be $10+, not the product price plus sales tax plus CRV or whatever other taxes may exist in your area 🙂

Typically, every purchase earns 1 point. Fifteen points become a free drink. With this promotion, you earn 2 points per $10+ purchase, so you can get your free drink twice as fast. Strategically, if you have multiple big purchases (eg more than one bag of coffee beans), split them between multiple visits 🙂

You can find this offer in the email account associated with your Peets rewards, or you can find it in the Peets app’s Inbox, or your smartphone notifcations (if enabled). Screenshots of these right below:

20% off Peets email subscriber coupon until 8/1/17

If you are planning a purchase at the Peets website, you are in luck! Coupon code EMAIL sent to their email subscribers gets you 20% off purchases at their online store. The coupon is not good at their B&M stores. The coupon expires Monday 8/1/17, it’s only a 3-day coupon!

20% off all Teas at the Peet’s website with coupon

If you like to buy tea from the Peet’s Coffee website, until Sunday night July 9 in 2017, you can get 20% off the teas they sell there (loose leaf or tea bags) using coupon TEAPARTY. The coupon is only good for their website, not their B&M stores. Other exclusions apply (not gift subscriptions or gift cards).

This is a good time if you are a fan of the “legacy” Peets teas as they have four of them currently in-stock, including Ser Pumphrey’s Blend and the good old Scottish Breakfast and the smooth Lion Mountain Keemun.

Free S&H at Peets without minimum with coupon

If you like Peet’s Coffee, more specifically shopping from their website, until May 29 (2017), coupon code FREESHIP17 gets you free shipping without a minimum purchase amount required. This happens only a few times a year, so it’s a good opportunity if you want to make a small purchase or scoop up something on clearance or sale that wouldn’t normally qualify for free shipping.

Peets Fridays: Buy One Get One FREE beverage

Peet’s Coffee, now having more funding under the ownership of the European billionaire brothers holding company, has launched a new promotion. Every Friday, between 1 and 3pm local time, they are offering a “Buy One, Get One Beverage FREE” promotion. There is no coupon needed. As with other offers, this applies to handcrafted drinks, not bottled or pre-made drinks.

The promotion starts May 19 (2017). The material in the store (including the little card you see in this post) does not mention an expiration date.

FREE Coffee Drink at Peets: Friday 1-3pm local time

If you are going to be near a Peet’s coffee shop on Friday May 12 (2017), between 1-3pm local time, they will be offering a FREE coffee beverage of your choice. Limit one per transaction. This is good for all the hand crafted beverages, but not premade bottled beverages. Needless to say, expect long lines unless you know of any Peets stores that are more quiet or out of high traffic areas.

50% off handmade drinks at Peets again (April 27-30)

For the third week in a row Peet’s Coffee is bringing in a Thursday to Sunday coupon that gets you 50% off all handcrafted (human made; in other words, NOT bottled ones) drinks at your local participating Peets brick and mortar store. This is a great opportunity to try their new line of Honey drinks, there’s a matcha, and a couple of coffee drinks. Get the biggest size too, since half off makes it a nice deal 🙂 Offer runs April 27-30 in 2017. Check fineprint for restrictions.