Plenti program now offers 3% Dining Rewards (by linking credit/debit cards)

The Plenti Rewards program added a new dimension to its rewards program. You can earn 3% rewards when you dine at participating local restaurants and pay with a credit or debit card that is linked to your Plenti account. This is a low friction promotion, so if you lose nothing by signing up for it. Let me explain…


The Rewards Network finds the transactions
If you have a Plenti rewards account, you can sign up for the Local Dining Rewards feature by linking your credit or debit cards you plan to use to pay at restaurants. This is how they will recognize the transaction, you don’t show them your Plenti rewards award, so you don’t have to look like a couponizer 🙂

This part is handled by the “Rewards Network” which runs similar dining promotions. If you are not familiar with this, you can just link one credit card and use that to pay any eligible Plenti Dining transactions. You have to give them only your credit card number and zipcode. Nothing else ~ not the expiration date, not the security code.

Only some Restaurants are Participating – Check Before Going!
Only participating restaurants are eligible for this promotion. You can find out which ones by zipcode or by city. You can search by name or type of food as well if you are in a busier city. Only a subset of all available restaurants in your area are participating, so there is no guarantee your favorites will be in. It’s mostly independent and regional restaurants, probably ones with connections to American Express. They have a mix of restaurants, from single figure no-waiter options all the way to fancy-smancy 🙂

Some restaurants may have restrictions and limitations, so check each restaurant’s listing through the Plenti website to make sure. Many of the restaurants have unlimited visits and pretty high maximum monthly spending ~ unless you are running your own Doordash service on the side or eat every single meal there, you won’t hit those limits 🙂

If you pay with a credit card that offers restaurants cashback of its own, this should be stackable, since they are paid by two different parties. However, this is only a guess ~ I can’t test this since this program just began!

Limited time offer: 200 Bonus Points after first eligible Transaction
For a limited time, when you visit the Plenti page, you may see a promotion that will get you 200 Points (that’s $2 equivalent) after you make the first qualifying transaction ~ in addition to the standard 3%. So that’s extra motivation to try it at least once.

Look for something like this while navigating their website:


Testing this feature
I just signed up for it, as of 5/17/16. I will go to one of the participating restaurants in the next few days and report back. I am not sure how quickly the 3x rewards will show up in the Plenti account, so I don’t know exactly when I’ll post an update.