15% off Amazon Luxury Grooming Sample boxes

Everything’s possible at Amazon! Even clip-on coupons on their Sample boxes! That’s right, the sample boxes. Currently Amazon has two men’s grooming boxes and each one of them has a 15% off green clip-on coupon on them!

So the $17 Sample Box becomes $14.45 after you clip the green coupon, while the $20 Sample Box drops to $17. You get free shipping regardless. I believe these ship separately, and they have only one shipping option (standard shipping), so you cannot make any adjustments or get the $1 digital credit on them.

I purchased plenty of samples before, but never with a coupon discount, so I don’t know if you will receive the $17 and $20 credit respectively, or you will receive only the credit you paid for. The shopping cart still says you’ll get the full credit, so assume that, but don’t be surprised if you only receive the credit you paid for (to be on the safe side).

Here’s a screenshot for the $20 sample box:

Finding items to spend your sampling credit should not be hard! The $17 sample box credit has over 600 redemption options (!), while the $20 sample box has over 340 redemption options. If there is any overlap between the redemption options, their shopping cart will automatically use credits from both…