Weekly Ad Coupon: $10 off $50+ at BevMo

Before you recycle your weekly grocery ads for this week (October 17+), if you live near a BevMo (Beverages and More), make sure you fish out their one page color flyer. One side has a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50+. With Winter and the Holidays just around the corner, the time may be right to stock up on beverage supplies for future hosting events before the holiday price hikes arrive 🙂

Here’s what to look for in the giant bundle of weekly ads:

25% off Dyson Vacuums priced $50+ with eBay Coupon [max discount $75 off]

It’s not a Dyson sphere. It’s a Dyson vacuum! The official Dyson outlet store on eBay is running a coupon code promotion until 10/16/17 at 8am pacific!

Enter coupon code P25DYSONOUTLET in the eBay shopping cart on eligible products offered and you will get a 25% off discount. The maximum discount received by the coupon is $75. Items must be priced individually at $50 or higher. That’s why the 41 items you see at the promotional page are all priced above $50.

The coupon can be used twice per PayPal account, so you can have a mini Dyson shopping spree 🙂

Another $5 off Google Play Books promotion is up!

Google does not have an e-ink e-reader and does not have a modern tablet in its line-up, except for the variations on a PixelBook theme. So they have to work extra hard to convince hardcore e-book readers to buy and read ebooks off their service.

Which is perhaps one of the reasons why they have the recurring promotion that gets you $5 off an eBook purchase of $5+. A new promotion just went live, good until mid-January 2018. This is separate from the existing promotion that runs until October 12 (2017).

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$3 off Clip-On Coupon for select 16pk of Lara Bars

If you are a fan of Lara Bars, we have good news for you! Amazon has launched a brand new $3 off clip-on coupon on select 16pk of Lara Bar flavors. The coupon is good for “one time” purchases or “subscribe and save”, your choice!

With the clip-on coupon, the price drops to around $12~, making them about 75c per bar, a pretty good price!

The clip-on coupons usually work for one purchase, one unit and then you can’t use them until a new coupon promotion begins. The page will tell you whether you are eligible or not.

Buy Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $2.50, Get $4.99 Store Credit towards Sweets Box

One of the Amazon “Dash Buttons” is a little special. It’s the Prime Sweets button. Every time you press it, it sends you a random selection of a box of sweets for a flat price of $18. Since this is restricted to Prime members, everyone who is able to order it gets free shipping.

You cannot select what kind of a sweets box you receive (thus the SURPRISE part), but you can look at some of the options. SPOILERS if you want to be totally surprised when your box arrives 🙂

Just like the other Dash Buttons [unboxing of a different model], you pay $4.99 for it, and to counter the price of the Dash button, Amazon puts a $4.99 credit in your Amazon account after your first order placed with this button ships [not after the button ships].

However, occasionally Amazon has promotions that get you the Dash Buttons for less than $4.99, but you still receive the $4.99. So, assuming you use this to buy things you want/need, it’s a money-maker. If you end up buying it, and doing nothing or buy things you don’t want/need, then you lose money.

To cut a looong story short, good until September 30 (2017), coupon code 50OFFSWEETS cuts the price in half of the Prime Sweets button in half, making it $2.50.

Once you receive the Prime Sweets Button and you configure it [depending on your setup, they are not as easy to configure as Amazon makes them out to be], and you press it for the first time, you will receive the $4.99 credit in your account. The Prime Sweets box has a flat price of $18.

You will pay that $18 price. The 50% off is only on the purchase of the Dash button. Not the Box of Sweets. However, this being your first order, other things equal, the $4.99 credit may be posted towards this purchase.

New Customers: Get 14 RxBars for $20 with Free Shipping

UPDATE 9/22/17: my box has arrived! I added pictures!

If you are tired of eating protein bars that have a list of ingredients almost as long as War and Peace, and you want to try out some of the healthier options, RxBars are a great idea. They are currently my favorite, surpassing the Strong Kind Bars.

Their most “offensive” ingredient is “Natural Flavors”. Everything else is real food. They only have half a dozen ingredients per bar ~ give or take depending on the different flavors.

If you don’t want to commit to a $20 purchase, you can try them at a grocery store. Trader Joe has them for $2 each, regular price. Whole Foods is typically $2.50 per bar. They have a subset of flavors. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Sea Salt, and that’s a good one to give you a sense of their texture. They are compressed with more nutrition than they look. These are not airy bars that you inhale 🙂

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Kenwood NX-340U16P2 Two Watt Digital UHF Nexedge Professional Business Radio for $270 after coupon

This is a specialty item, but if you need it, you are in luck, because, for a limited time, Amazon has a 10% off clip-on coupon promotion on the new condition Kenwood NX-340U16P2 Two Watt Digital UHF Nexedge Professional Business Radio. You don’t need to enter any text, you just clip the coupon at the appropriate place.

If you don’t see a clip-on coupon, it means the promotion expired. The coupon is a 10% off discount, so what you pay depends on the item’s price. As of the time of writing, the price is $300, so the coupon drops it off to $270.

There are four different models sitting on the same product listing, so when you are looking at pictures, and specifications and reviews and such, make sure they correspond to the product you are interested in!

$20 off your first $35+ Smart and Final order using Instacart

Home deliveries are all the rage these days. Smart and Final is now using Instacart for home deliveries, and to encourage shoppers to try out this service, good until 9/20/17, they are offering a new customer promotion: you get FREE SHIPPING and $20 off your first order of $35+ using Instacart.

To get the discount, use long-winded coupon code SHOPSMARTANDFINAL which may look like a railroad, but it’s simple to type: SHOP SMART AND FINAL 🙂 Delivery and participation may vary by region and local stores. The Instacart website will tell you .

25% off Lara Bar 16-pack Clip-ON coupon returns!

Lara Bar fans, unite and take over! The 25% off clip-on coupons are back again at amazon.com for a number of flavors (but not all of them) in 16-packs. As usual, the clip-on coupons work only if Amazon actual (not marketplace sellers) are the seller of a product.

Better yet, the clip-on coupons work on both a normal price or a “Subscribe and Save” (SaS) purchase. Keep in mind, if you do a SaS, the coupon only applies to the first purchase. Subsequent purchases will be based on the future current price of an item.

If you haven’t tried these before, try some of the Coconut flavors, or the Cashew Cookie which only has two ingredients (cashews and dates) and nothing more.

The coupon drops a $15~ 16-pack down to $11.50-ish, making them under 75c per bar.

Marvel BOGO offer at Comixology with coupon

If you are a fan of Marvel comic books, it is time to stock up! Coupon code MARVEL17 gets you a “Buy One Get One FREE” promotion at Comixology on Marvel titles. The promotion lasts longer than the Labor Day weekend, it ends on 9/7/17.

Titles released after 8/31/17 are not eligible. You can buy multiple titles, not just two. Pre-orders and bundles are not eligible.

AMAZON’S up to 50% off MARVEL COMICS as well

UPDATE: OR if you prefer to buy comic books individually, Amazon has its own MARVEL up to 50% off promotions. This promotion too expires 9/7/17 and excludes everything releases since 8/31/17.

50% off Quest Bars with coupon

My oh my! If you are a fan of the Quest Bars, don’t walk but RUN to Amazon.com where they offer half-off most of the Quest Bar 12 packs they offer on their website. This is the customary Amazon green Clip-ON coupon, and brings more flavors down to around $1 per bar, or slightly less.

The promotion is good for either the classic 1-Time Purchase (the usual way of shopping at Amazon), or their “Subscribe and Save”. This is the normal Amazon, not PrimePantry, not AmazonFresh.

The best deal in terms of lowest price per bar is the Cookies ‘n’ Cream which drops from $21.49 to under $11 for the 12-pack!

This is a limited time promotion, I do not know when it expires…

25% off Clip-On Coupon on many Lara Bar 16-packs

If you are a fan of the Lara Bars (nutrition bars), good news for you! Amazon is running a big 25% off Clip-ON coupon promotion featuring a variety of flavors in their 16-packs on sale. This is a good opportunity to stock up on favorites, or try new flavors without paying too much for them.

A number of 16-packs are going for $16 BEFORE the coupon. The coupon will drop them from $16 to $12. That comes out to 75c per bar, a very good price!

But that’s not all. Further down the page over there you will find some of the newer varieties they introduces, “Nuts and Seeds” and “Fruits and Greens” and “Bites”.

One promising new flavor (which I don’t think I’ve tried yet) is the Chocolate Coconut Chew going for $22.76 before coupon. The coupon will drop to it to around $17, just over $1 per bar.

PS: for most of these, the Clip-ON coupon is also available for “Subscribe and Save” purchases.

PS2: speaking of Lara Bars, they have their own physical Dash button. If you are curious about it, I just posted a new Tech Tip on how to avoid Dash Button configuration problems.

Teavana: Four Freebies and Free S&H with $60+ purchase

It’s tea time! Coupon code ICEDTEA, running until 8/6/17, gets you THREE freebies when you make a purchase of $60 or more at the Teavana website. Their mall stores are closing, but Teavana, the brand will continue to live on at Starbucks B&M stores and online!

The three freebies are:

  • one pound of Belgian non-GMO rock sugar
  • 2 oz of Youthberry Wild Orange blossom loose leaf
  • 2 oz of Pineapple Berry Blue loose leaf

Don’t let the name fool you, you can buy anything you want, it doesn’t have to be iced tea related 🙂 But that’s not all. Orders over $50 get free shipping, so if you are qualifying for this promotion, it means you are also getting free shipping for your order.

The Teavana email also notes that you get a 100pk of empty tea filters (paper bags) to fill up with your favorite tea. These are included for free with any purchase for a limited time. There is no coupon code mentioned. I’m guessing the shopping cart will automatically include it while this promotion is running.

20% off Peets email subscriber coupon until 8/1/17

If you are planning a purchase at the Peets website, you are in luck! Coupon code EMAIL sent to their email subscribers gets you 20% off purchases at their online store. The coupon is not good at their B&M stores. The coupon expires Monday 8/1/17, it’s only a 3-day coupon!

Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for 99c after coupon

For a limited time only, coupon code SWEET99 gets you the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $0.99 instead of its usual price of $4.99. You will still earn a $4.99 Amazon store credit after the first time you place an order using this button. The offer expires by 7/26/17 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out).

The Surprise Dash button is different from all the other buttons because you don’t know exactly what you are going to receive. It will be something, a box of sweets, but you don’t know which one. There are many varieties available, but you don’t decide which one you get. Amazon’s computers or randomness decides. It’s a bit like a Sample Box in that regard.

The Sweets Surprise Box has a flat price of $18 with free shipping. So this promotion only makes sense if you are (or were) planning to order this box. Otherwise you’ll end up having the Dash button and being 99c short 🙂

PS: if you’ve never used a Dash button before, fear not! I just received my first Dash button and I will post a simple explainer post on how to use it! Stay tuned for that.

PS2: I am tempted by this but I am (as of the time of writing) resisting the temptation 🙂

PS3: the Dash buttons (including this one) are all exclusive to Prime members.