The Blomkamp Film Collection for $10 on BluRay (District 9, Chappie and Elysium)

Grab your Amazon wallets and add to cart now! $10 is all it takes to get this Limited edition collector set that features a trio of Neill Blomkamp Films! His breakout film “District 9”, the fresher take on AI robots in “Chappie” and the movie ruined by Matt Damon (“Elysium”), by far the most conventional and predictable of these three movies.

The limited edition is because you get a 64-page digibook, along with a number of limited release special features on the discs. including an hour of specials on Chappie and an alternate ending. The other two movies get extras too!

You betcha I’m getting one when I place my next Amazon order today 🙂

TOR offers TWO SFF eBooks for FREE! [limited time]

Don’t sleep on this offer because it expires on Friday February 2nd at 12pm eastern time! All you have to do is sign-up for the TOR (publisher of speculative fiction) emails, and you will receive TWO DRM-free ebooks in Mobi and ePUB formats! That’s right, two freebies! If you are already signed up for their emails, look for their email with the details!

All the details can be found at the TOR Giveaway promotional page. The two ebooks they are giving away during this limited time are:

  • “Killing Gravity” by Corey J. White
  • “Witches of Lychford” by Paul Cornell

I haven’t read either of them, but I definitely picked up both of them! Because it’s not just FREE, it’s DRM-Free 🙂

Earthseed: The Complete Series for $2 (ebook)

The complete “Earthseed” series by acclaimed speculative fiction author Octavia E. Butler is composed of the two “Parable” books in the series, a total of 880 pages, and you can get them all as one e-book, for the bargain price of just $2 for the Kindle. The book averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 29 customer reviews.

[DEAD] 49c eBook: Ron L. Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth”

This limited time sale expired… If you missed, know also that this book is part of “Kindle Unlimited”….

[Read more…]

Killjoys Season 2 BluRay with Digital HD for $17

“Killjoys” is an underrated and underappreciated space science-fiction TV series that is airing on Syfy and Canada’ SPACE channel. It has its own unique style and personality, which may not be for some people, HOWEVER, this has a lot of in-world mythology and world-building, and there is an underlying story underneath it all, so you are not just watching episodic television, it has an overarching arc.

The TV show is currently not available at any of the major streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Prime), which makes this sale even better, because for under $17, you get the BluRay sett with Digital HD (Ultraviolet, through NBCUcodes) at This is a limited time sale, with up to three sets per customer during the sale.

Meanwhile Season 1 goes for just under $21, likewise in a BluRay set with Digital HD.

There’s also a music discovery component to the show as they play a lot of new and fresh music throughout the episodes!

Tor eBook Giveaway for June is Scalzi’s Old Man’s War

TOR (the publisher) has a monthly ebook freebie as well, but unlike Kindle First and the Samsung App Store freebie, it does not last the whole month. You usually have about a week to claim it once the giveaway goes live at the TOR ebook club page.

You have to enter your email and it is only available in US and Canada. You can then download the ebook for FREE without any DRM in the ePUB (almost everything else) and MOBI (Kindle devices). The book for June 2017 is a space-based science fiction classic, John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”. Get it! Even if you have the Kindle version, since this will let you read it anywhere DRM-free!

“Space Above and Beyond” DVD set for $20 with free S&H

With this show not being able on any streaming services (I’m guessing it must be some kind of a rights issue?), it is hard to find it on DVD at a reasonable price. Which is why this is a exciting if you want to buy/watch this underrated scifi TV series.

Syfy’s (then Sci-Fi) “Space Above and Beyond” lasted one season (back then it was 24 episodes, that’s like two seasons of today’s shows) and did not get renewed. It has ahead of its time in the more PoV-style realism that became a lot more popular after Ronald D. Moore’s “Battlestar Galactica”.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the DVD set for Season 1 is available in “Used – Good” condition for $20 with free shipping by the Goodwill of Seattle through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This will ship directly from Seattle, so it is not Prime eligible. But everyone gets free shipping regardless of Prime status.

The March 2017 Tor e-Book Freebie is READY!

If you like to read FREE and DRM-free e-books, you have until March 13 in 2017 to scoop up the March 2017 freebie from Tor. The free book given away this month at their Monthly e-Book Club is “Shadow & Claw” by Gene Wolfe. You have to enter your email for this. After that you can download the book in ePUB (everybody else) and MOBI (Kindle). You can download both versions, you don’t have to select one of each.

These typically start earlier in the month, but for March 2017, they got a late start. But you still have the same amount of time (one week) to claim the freebie 🙂

Octavia Butler’s Parable Book series on sale for 25c per ebook

Reading is fun-da-mental! If you want to explore some of the critically-acclaimed science fiction / speculative fiction, a two-book series called “Parable” by Octavia E. Butler is on sale for the Kindle for 25c (yes, that’s $0.25) per ebook. Or you can buy them both together for $0.50 (it saves you an extra click). They are about 800 pages total. Book #1 is the “Parable of the Sower”, and book #2 is “Parable of the Talents”. Both ebooks average 4.4 out of 5 with a combined total of over 600 customer reviews.

FREE until February 7: The Tor Monthly FREE eBook

Good until February 7 (2017), you can get the ebook “The Bloodline Feud” for FREE in DRM-free ePUB and .mobi by signing up for the Tor emailing list at the Tor eBook Club. They offer a new ebook every month, but the catch is that you have to claim it within the first week of them. Unlike Kindle First which runs for the whole month.

PS: if you are already signed up for their emails, page further down on the download page and look for the “Already Registered?” section. You enter your email (the one you used to sign-up for the list) and then you get the download options.

Scifi Complete Series: Battlestar Galactica for $36 [BluRay]

This is a great deal for an instant classic sci-fi TV show! The UK import edition of the BluRay set of the Battlestar Galactica Complete Series (all four seasons, the mini-series, and some (but not all) of the made-for-TV movies and extras) is offered in a region-unlocked set, in new condition for $36 fulfilled by Amazon. A marketplace seller is offering them, but they are Prime-eligible, so free shipping if you are a member.

Note however that a digital copy is NOT included. You get the TV series in BluRay and that’s it. Given the price, this is cheaper than completing the series if you have some but not all of the individual season and half-season bluRays. When this was airing on TV, each TV season (back when they had 20+ episodes) was sold (and aired) as a half-season.

Note also that you get five episodes twice. They include their air cut but also an extended cut. They are included back to back on their respective disc, so you get to decide which one to watch. Or watch both 🙂

You can see a summary of the special/bonus features in the red segment of this customer review picture.

Classic scifi e-book for just $0.25: “The Forever War”

A great deal on one of the classic science-fiction books, the Kindle edition ofJoe Haldeman’s “The Forever War” is on sale for a limited time for just a quarter, that’s right $0.25, at This is a limited time promotion, but I do not know when it expires. It is a 294 page book. At this price, it is really a must-have for your digital reading collection!

Season 1 of 20+ Scifi TV Shows for $10 each in HD

If you like to watch movies online or through your favorite streaming box or mobile device, and you like to digitally-own the TV Seasons, and you like scifi and fantasy, we have good news for you! For a limited time only, Vudu is offering the first season of 21 TV Shows for $10 per season.

This is in full HD. It is a mix of current and classic TV shows, all of them season 1, including Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” and “Killjoys” and MTV’s Shannanara, and Season 1A of Starz’s Outlander, along with classics like the rebooted Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston), Fringe, Babylon 5, Farscape, and more.

But wait, there’s more! You can combine this promotion with two different offers:

  • If you are a T-Mobile customer, you get a $5.50 Vudu credit every Tuesday as part of the T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • If you have Discover Cashback, you can use $20 in Cashback to get a $25 Vudu electronic gift certificate

PS: I do not know when this offer expires.

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 BluRay for $5.30 (not a typo!)

If you are missing the second half of the final season or if you only want to have the last ten episodes, the BluRay with Season 4.5 of the rebooted Ronald D. Moore “Battlestar Galactica” TV series is on sale for around $5.30 at, and that’s not all. This is Prime eligible, ships from Amazon’s warehouses, and it is not an Add-On item, so if you are a member, you get it delivered to you without the need for additional purchases to get free shipping.

This comes in three discs, with a total of ten episodes, episodes 4-11 to 4-20. If you don’t remember what’s what, refresh yourselves with the episode list at the very useful and very lightweight on the browser

Used “Space Above and Beyond” DVD set for $19 shipped

The scifi TV series “Space Above and Beyond” was a bit ahead of its time, back in the era 20+ episode seasons without the necessary budget. For whatever reason, it cannot be found on any of the major streaming services in the USA, which has kept the prices of its DVDs higher than other TV shows that are streamable.

If you don’t want to pay new condition prices [currently $40] for it, you can get it for $19~ shipped in “Used – Very Good” condition by Go Hastings through Amazon. This ships directly from GoHastings, so you can’t avoid the shipping fee even if you are a Prime member. This ships from Texas.

NOTE: there’s another seller offering it for a similar price but that one ships from the UK and it’s probably Region 2. So pay attention to who the actual seller is over there before buying!

PS: it’s one and only season had a total of 24 episodes (with the pilot included) ~ see EpGuides for details.