Amazon launched $12 Sample Box for Dogs (food and treats)

Amazon appears to be loving the Sample Boxes idea, because they have launched a brand new one, these one offering treats and food for dogs. Now the puppies can really wait by the door for their very own Amazon package 🙂

As before, these offers are restricted to Prime members only. The promotion works just like the other sample boxes.

  1. Buy the $12 Sample Box – you pay full price
  2. you receive the sample box – I believe it has only one shipping delivery speed, you can’t change it
  3. one week after your $12 box ships, Amazon will post a $12 promotional credit to your Amazon account. They will send you an email informing you so
  4. once the credit is in your account, you can use it towards the purchase of eligible dog food products. Over 110 items are eligible as of the time of writing. You cannot use the credit on any Amazon purchase. Only these participating products which are often the brands you get in the Sample box
  5. the promotional credit has an expiration credit, so pay attention to that. You can use it in multiple transactions, you don’t have to use it all at once