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Starbucks After 2pm Rewards for the first week of August 2017

The calendar is collaborating for this promotion. For the first week of August 2017 (1-7), they are bringing back the “After 2pm” Dash offer. As usual, you must first activate the offer for your account by clicking on the link in the email or the app. Once activated, you will earn 50 bonus stars if you make four separate purchases, OR 100 bonus stars if you make six or more separate purchases.

As before, the offer is stackable with any other promotions they may be running over there. And given how the two reward tiers are set up, once you get to four, you double the bonus stars by buying an extra two items.

Items paid with Rewards (as far as I can tell) do not count rewards-wise.

20% off Peets email subscriber coupon until 8/1/17

If you are planning a purchase at the Peets website, you are in luck! Coupon code EMAIL sent to their email subscribers gets you 20% off purchases at their online store. The coupon is not good at their B&M stores. The coupon expires Monday 8/1/17, it’s only a 3-day coupon!

Ends 7/31/17: Free GOLD Level upgrade with purchase at Starbucks

If you want to reach the Starbucks GOLD Rewards Level (that’s the best level with the most rewards), then you have a shortcut! Until the close of business on 7/31/17, if you make a purchase (any purchase) using their app or a registered gift card, you will be upgraded to the GOLD level. The offer is good for GREEN tier rewards members, and for brand new members as well!

PS: the page does not say whether existing GOLD members will get an additional year added to their membership, so assume it won’t.

Good freebies on August 1st for T-Mobile Tuesdays

If you are a T-Mobile customer, make sure you remember to scoop up the freebies on Tuesday August 1st in 2017! You get two digital subscriptions, and one free B&M food, along with two coupons!

The three real freebies are:

  • Free Small Slurpee at a local 711 store
  • Free 3-month subscription to IndieFLEX (indie movies and documentaries; ad free; this is pretty good for FREE!)
  • Free subscription for soccer fans to the Bayern TV Plus (German football team)

And then we have two coupons, 50% off a local Groupon but the discount is capped to $10 (obviously, but still good). And the return of the Shell gas coupon.

Plenti: Earn 8X Points on Apple Online store purchases

Discounts and coupons are rare at Apple, so this may be a great promotion if you are planning online Apple purchases and you are participating in the Plenti rewards program! There is a new offer available there, which you must manually activate in your Plenti account first, that gets you 8X points on purchases made at the Apple online store. That’s 8% of your purchase! That’s pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Once activate in your account, the offer ends on 08/10/2017 8:59pm MST. Detailed terms and conditions are available over there.

Starbucks Rewards: After 2pm Weekend Dash

A weekend trip at Starbucks? With free AC and free refills as a rewards member? If you check all of the above, check your emails or the Starbucks app for a new promotion that requires opt-in (pressing the “Join the Dash” email button). If you are eligible for this, you will earn bonus stars if you visit after 2pm local time during the weekend of July 28-30 in 2017. That’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Three separate transactions get you 25 bonus stars, but if you make five or more separate transactions, you’ll get 75 bonus stars! So if you get to three, it makes sense to make the jump to five! If nothing else, buy small things like the chocolate straw cookie thing, or the string cheese, which are under $1 each 🙂

Lucky Rewards earn 200 points with Meal In a Bag purchase

If you are participating in the Luckys Rewards program, check your email or their website/app. There is a new promotion running until 8/1/17 that gets you 200 Rewards points if you purchase one of their microwavable meals in a bag that go for $7 each. They have multiple options, including a veggie option. This is limit one bonus per customer during this promotional period.

You must first manually activate the offer before you earn the bonus. Per the promotion, the bag is BPA-Free. Here’s a screenshot of the relevant parts of the promotional offer:

LG Stylo 2 for $75 (Boost or Virgin)

The new condition LG Stylo 2, without contractual requirements but locked to the prepair carrier it comes co-branded with, is on sale for $75 with free shipping by NewEgg actual in your choice of Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Limit three of each per customer.

They also have a bundle for the Virgin Mobile unit bundled with a power bank (Powerocks Cirrus).

Virgin Mobile is not accepting new non-iPhone customers, but existing customers can still buy new phones and replace their existing ones. There’s even a secret place to buy Android phones at the Virgin Mobile USA website for existing customers.

I have the LG Stylo 2 and I’m using it as an indoors PDA of sorts. Performance wise it’s a step behind the Nexus 6. But once you go Knock Code with the LG phones, you then begin double tapping on every screen and window you see 🙂

I have two posts on the Stylo 2 with more in the works: the Unboxing (only text and pictures, nothing annoying or noise-making), and a walk-through on how to deal with the pestering activation menus (if you don’t plan to activate it for cellular service).

Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for 99c after coupon

For a limited time only, coupon code SWEET99 gets you the Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $0.99 instead of its usual price of $4.99. You will still earn a $4.99 Amazon store credit after the first time you place an order using this button. The offer expires by 7/26/17 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out).

The Surprise Dash button is different from all the other buttons because you don’t know exactly what you are going to receive. It will be something, a box of sweets, but you don’t know which one. There are many varieties available, but you don’t decide which one you get. Amazon’s computers or randomness decides. It’s a bit like a Sample Box in that regard.

The Sweets Surprise Box has a flat price of $18 with free shipping. So this promotion only makes sense if you are (or were) planning to order this box. Otherwise you’ll end up having the Dash button and being 99c short 🙂

PS: if you’ve never used a Dash button before, fear not! I just received my first Dash button and I will post a simple explainer post on how to use it! Stay tuned for that.

PS2: I am tempted by this but I am (as of the time of writing) resisting the temptation 🙂

PS3: the Dash buttons (including this one) are all exclusive to Prime members.

July 26 is Starbucks Double Stars [YMMV]

In addition to the various other bonus stars promotions running, Starbucks has also launched their July 2017 Double Stars day. Per the email I received, it says it will be Wednesday July 26 (2017). I don’t know if every rewards member gets exactly the same day, or if they spread them out throughout the week or month. Regardless, check your email or the Starbucks app to verify that it is so for your account.

The Double Stars promotion do not require opt-in. They apply automatically as long as your account is eligible for them. With the two new $8-ish salad bowls/platters, the value of a Reward Star has increased, assuming you’ll redeem your free rewards on the new expensive $8 salad bowl.

As usual, Double Stars days are great for making your coffee beans, and coffee cups and tea bags, and other purchases that have a shelf life. You obviously can’t pre-buy hot coffee to drink for the rest of the way, but you can buy beans or K-cups to drink for the next few weeks 🙂

New Teavana coupon: $15 off $50+ until 7/30/17

If you want to get some brewing accessories and/or tea from Teavana, you are in luck! Good until July 30 in 2017, coupon code STAYCOOL gets you $15 off an order of $50+ over there. The coupon is good for most items in their store, even though the email promoting the coupon has an iced tea theme. That’s because it’s summer and more people drink iced tea 🙂

The coupon is good at the Teavana website only, not at their B&M stores.

While there shopping, make sure you check their Sales page where you can see items on sale and clearance. You can also sort that page by price (top right corner, the “SORT BY”). There you will find that the 2016 Joy tea (their holiday special) is on sale for $5 per 2 ounces. The 2017 Joy tea was actually not bad!

Walgreens Balance Rewards will now expire on a 12-month rolling basis

If you are participating in the Walgreens “Balance Rewards” program, a chance is coming! Starting August 25 in 2017, your rewards will be expiring after 12 months. This is on a rolling basis depending on when you earned the rewards. This will make it harder to bank reward points so you can redeem them for the bigger and better prizes. This also means that if you don’t pay attention, you will likely lose most of your points.

A little known fact is that you can redeem as little as 1000 points, which may sound like a lot but it’s actually just $1. Walgreens is one of only a few companies that do the sneaky thing of equating 10 points to a penny, making it look like you have a LOT of rewards, when you don’t actually. Most other companies these days are honest enough to do 1 point = 1 penny, which makes it easier for the consumer.

Starbucks Rewards: 100 Bonus Stars on three different categories [YMMV]

The summer is heating up and so are the various bonus rewards offers from Starbucks. In the latest offer, sent by email, and needing to be manually activated before earning a bonus, you get 100 Bonus Stars (that’s 80% towards a full reward) when you purchase one each from the following three product categories:

  • any Evolution Fresh Juice (these are expensive!)
  • any warm (non-breakfast) sandwich
  • any breakfast sandwich

If you are not sure how the qualify the sandwiches, check the menu in their app or the big printed menu in their stores! The offer runs July 25-31. You only earn one 100 bonus during this promotional period, it does not roll and repeat.

StudioPress All-Theme Pack for $281 [existing customers]

If you are a fan of the Genesis WordPress ecosystem, and you are an existing customer, you have a temptation running this week until Friday 7/28/17. Their All-Theme Pack is on sale for the general population for $375 (instead of their usual price of $500) at their website.

But if you are an existing customer (eg you previously purchases a Genesis theme from them), you are entitled to a lifetime 25% off discount on the current prices of their offerings. So, time to pull out the calculators, 25% off the $375 price makes it $281 and change.

This is a great value IF you are love the Genesis ecosystem. You get every single theme StudioPress itself currently makes, and all the future ones they will make. You also get over 20 themes created by 3rd-parties (not the StudioPress company) that are offered through their website’s Pro Plus plan. Along with support and security updates.

You can take a look at the available themes. Given the prices of the themes, and the price of the bundle, if you find more than a couple of themes that you like (and you don’t currently own), then it makes sense to buy the bundle. Each theme has a “Live Demo” where you can see an actual (demo) website running it. Much better than staring at screenshots and reading flowery language about it 🙂

Sony XB10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker for $38

If you are looking for a bluetooth portable speaker from a well-recognized brand, we have good news for you! The Sony XB10 is currently on sale for $38, in new condition, and from various sellers, including Amazon actual, at the website.

It is a 2017 model, with a 4.6 review average based on 50+ of them, and has about half as many answered questions. Portable means that it has a built-in rechargeable battery but it is also designed for “lifestyle use” (see gallery picture #5 over there). It’s sort of about the size of a coffee cup 🙂

It also supports NFC, which makes it easier to pair with your smartphone or other devices via touch. NFC does not affect how the music sounds, it simply makes pairing and connecting to other devices easier. It has a IPX5 water-resistant rating, and it is part of their “Extra Bass” line, which means more emphasis on bass. You have been warned classical music fans 🙂