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StudioPress PRO PLUS All-Theme Bundle for $281 (Existing Customers)

If you are a “returning customer” (you previously made a purchase there) at Studio Press, purveyor of WordPress Themes within their Genesis framework, until 10/4/17 at 8PM ET, you can get their all you can eat Pro Plus All-Theme Package for $281~. That includes all existing and future WordPress themes they develop. This is a pretty good price, for the price of about 3-4 themes, you are getting 60+ current ones plus all future developments.

If you are not an existing customer you pay $375. Or you can purchase something from their website, become an existing customer, and then buy the bundle for $281 🙂

PS: this blog is actually running on the Genesis framework!

Friday: 25% off Coffee Beans at Peets

The best coffee deal, in terms of quality (not bang for the buck) for National Coffee Day on Friday September 29 (2017) is at Peet’s Coffee shops. On that day, you will receive 25% off all your coffee bean purchases. Peets has quality beans and they are freshly roasted if you buy from their own B&M stores. The combination makes it a great quality value.

There’s no coupon code, the cashiers and the registers should automatically discount them. But to on the safe side, do the math in your head 🙂

You also get a free small cup of coffee with beans purchase. This is an on-going promotion at Peet’s, although it may be at barista’s discretion for smaller purchases (eg 1/4 pound). From the looks of the tweet (see it embedded below), may be everyone who buy any kind of beans will get a free cup 🙂

T-Mobile Tuesday for 10/2/17 has four solid offers including MLB Shop and Free Prints

T-Mobile Tuesdays are having good back to back weeks. The previous week was headlined by a clear stadium bag. The October 2nd (2017) have four solid offers:

  • ten FREE 4×6″ photo prints at CVS (store pickup only)
  • another $2 to spend at Dunkin Donuts
  • $20 to spend at the MLB Shop
  • option to buy “My Little Pony” tickets for $2

So nothing “tangible” like a stadium bag, but a solid round of options!

Buy Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for $2.50, Get $4.99 Store Credit towards Sweets Box

One of the Amazon “Dash Buttons” is a little special. It’s the Prime Sweets button. Every time you press it, it sends you a random selection of a box of sweets for a flat price of $18. Since this is restricted to Prime members, everyone who is able to order it gets free shipping.

You cannot select what kind of a sweets box you receive (thus the SURPRISE part), but you can look at some of the options. SPOILERS if you want to be totally surprised when your box arrives 🙂

Just like the other Dash Buttons [unboxing of a different model], you pay $4.99 for it, and to counter the price of the Dash button, Amazon puts a $4.99 credit in your Amazon account after your first order placed with this button ships [not after the button ships].

However, occasionally Amazon has promotions that get you the Dash Buttons for less than $4.99, but you still receive the $4.99. So, assuming you use this to buy things you want/need, it’s a money-maker. If you end up buying it, and doing nothing or buy things you don’t want/need, then you lose money.

To cut a looong story short, good until September 30 (2017), coupon code 50OFFSWEETS cuts the price in half of the Prime Sweets button in half, making it $2.50.

Once you receive the Prime Sweets Button and you configure it [depending on your setup, they are not as easy to configure as Amazon makes them out to be], and you press it for the first time, you will receive the $4.99 credit in your account. The Prime Sweets box has a flat price of $18.

You will pay that $18 price. The 50% off is only on the purchase of the Dash button. Not the Box of Sweets. However, this being your first order, other things equal, the $4.99 credit may be posted towards this purchase.

Limited Time TOR DRM-free eBook Giveaway: “Envy of Angels” by Mark Wallce

If you like FREE and also DRM-FREE, you are in luck! Good until Friday 9/29/17 at 12pm ET, TOR is giving away DRM-free ebook copies (ePUB, mobi) of Mark Wallace’s “Envy of Angels” fantasy/supernatural book as part of their e-newsletter subscriber promotions.

To get the free e-book, you have to give them your email address. Downloading the free e-book is easy, you just press the button in the link they direct you to. You can get both the ePUB and the MOBI or one of the two options.

If you are not familiar with this book, it is book #1 in a series of five and it has a 4.3 out of 5 rating based on 69 customer reviews at

The first books of long book series are frequently featured in giveaways for obvious reasons. The authors and publishers want us to get hooked in their world and keep reading and buying 🙂

Another Starbucks After 2PM Dash (YMMV)

This is another YMMV promotion. If you are a member of the Starbucks rewards program, check your email or the official Starbucks app for a new “must activate first” promotion. It’s the return of the “After 2pm” (local time) Dash! This promotion runs September 26 at open and ends on October 2nd in 2017 at store closing.

If you make four separate purchases, you earn 50 Bonus Stars. If you make a total of six or more, you earn a total of 100 Bonus Stars. The rewards are posted to your account in two phases. Once you get to four transactions, you’ll get the 50 bonus stars. If you make to to 6+, you’ll get another 50 bonus stars. That’s all you’ll get. The promotion does not restart or roll. In other words, if you make 6 or 60 transactions, you’ll get 100 Bonus Stars.

20% off CBS All Access Subscription for 3 months

If you are ready to jump on the all new “Star Trek Discovery” bandwagon, and you missed out previous opportunities for a 2-week or better free trial on the “with commercials” plan, we have some alternatives for you!

Currently most options, such as Web Browser sign-up, Roku and Android (Google Play) only offer a 1-week free trial on the Limited Commercials plan ($6/month), and no free trial on the $10/month plan which has fewer commercials than the Limited Commercials plan, but it’s not ad-free like Netflix. Yeah, live to the Old Media to find a way to twist “no ads” into meaning “fewer ads”. Bastards!


One option for a discount is to sign up through Google Play using discounted Google Play gift cards. Pay for the subscription using your gift card balance, not a credit card. So the discount you find on the gift cards, is the effective discount you would get on the CBS All Access monthly subscription.


If you have an Apple TV, some people are reporting that they are offered a 30-day free trial through that. I don’t have an Apple TV to verify that.


Another option if you are signing up with a web browser is to use coupon code FALLACCESS which is a 20% off discount during your first three months of service.

Sadly the coupon does not work on Google Play ~ which would have been an opportunity to stack the discounts.


If you are totally sold on the CBS All Access concept they also sell prepaid annual plans with a built-in discount. Keep in mind however that they only have three original shows:

  • Star Trek Discovery and its Talk Show
  • The Good Fight (Good Wife spin-off)
  • Big Brother extras
  • that’s it, nothing else exclusive

They have a lot of CBS content, and offer additional ways to watch that CBS content. So if you are a fan of CBS TV in general, or some of their older TV shows (they have a library of many things), along with a handful of movies (“Defiance” perhaps the most recognizable).

This Weekend, Triple Lucky’s Rewards (must add offer to account)

If you were planning a big grocery shopping spree for the next few days, note that if you are participating in Lucky Rewards, they are offering triple points for purchases made on Saturday and Sunday September 23 and 24 in 2017!

To get the bonus points, you must manually add the offer to your account, either using the Lucky Rewards website, or their mobile app. You won’t get a bonus unless you manually add it! If you plan to make a big purchase, that will definitely be a sizeable bonus.

Screenshot of the offer below:

And if you are going to be there, don’t forget to stock up on Ben and Jerry’s. They are running a promotion that gets you two pints for $4 total. That’s $2 per pint. You must needs buy them in multiples of two pints to get the discount.

Both offers expire Sunday night at the close of business at Lucky’s B&M stores on September 24 in 2017. Coupon synergies 🙂

Refrigerated Perfect Bars arrive at Amazon!

The protein and nutrition bar market is very competitive. It’s a cacophony of choices at the supermarket aisles, with companies big and small, mass-market and health-food-crazed competing. So someone finally figured a way to make another nutritional bar BUT have the store shelf without competition…


[Read more…]

T-Mobile Tuesdays for 9/26/17 get you a FREE Stadium Bag, $2 at Dunkin, and more

T-Mobile Tuesdays are back with a good lot for September 26 in 2017! You get a clear T-Mobile branded stadium bag (you pick it up at the T-Mobile brick and mortar stores ~ if you are nice to their employees and they have too many of them, you may be able to score more of them), and a $2 Dunkin Donuts gift card (if you have Dunkin stores near you).

The other two offers are not as good, unless you need to buy a Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker from the T-Mobile B&M stores (probably at full price): you get a 25% off discount. And last but not least, is a 1-month subscription to “StudyBlue PRO”, which I’m assuming is some kind of a service for college students.

Earthseed: The Complete Series for $2 (ebook)

The complete “Earthseed” series by acclaimed speculative fiction author Octavia E. Butler is composed of the two “Parable” books in the series, a total of 880 pages, and you can get them all as one e-book, for the bargain price of just $2 for the Kindle. The book averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 29 customer reviews.

Smith Teamaker Bungalow Blend No. 47 for $7.54

It looks like we have an impromptu coffee and tea theme this week, because while surfing around on Amazon, another good deal surfaced. A 20% off clip-on coupon (the green button) can get you the Smith Teamaker Bungalow Blend No. 47 for $7.54 as a one-time-purchase, or slightly less through the “Subscribe and Save” discount.

This is a black tea, from India, blended at the company’s base in India. It is however an Add-ON item, so you need a $25+ order before the shopping cart will allow you to buy it.

PS: if you are looking for ideas on how to reach the $25 limit, check our Add-ON Deal posts, which we’ve had aplenty this week 🙂

2pk Star Wars Hot Wheels for $2.89 [limit 3 sets]

Star Wars shopping spree time! As of the time of writing, the price of the two-pack of Star Wars Hot Wheels that consists of the X-Wing and TIE Fighters for just $2.89. That’s new condition, and that’s for one of each included! You can buy up to three sets per customer at this per bundle price!

This sold and shipped by Amazon actual. There is one catch however, this is an ADD-ON item, so you must needs place a $25+ order, otherwise their system won’t let you buy it. The 2-pack averages 4.4 out of 5 based on ten customer reviews.

6pk Two Moms Soul Sprout Almond Butter Truffles for $3.69

This is such a great deal. I already nom-nom’ed a whole box, and now they are back on sale again, so I’ll definitely be getting more! It’s a 6-pack of Two Moms Soul Sprout Almond Butter Truffles, on sale for $3.69 as stand-alone purchases or $3.51 with the Subscribe-and-Save discount. That price gets you SIX individually wrapped packs! Limit four sets per customer!

But that’s not all. For a limited time, Amazon has a 15% off Clip-ON coupon on this item, dropping the price of the first unit you buy to $3.15 or so. I forgot to take pictures of the food, the only thing left is the package 🙂

There is a catch however, these are ADD-ON items, so Amazon’s shopping cart won’t let you get them unless your order total is $25+. If you max out on this offer, four units of these are under $15 (with the coupon discount), so you’d still need to buy something else to get to $25+. If you need other ideas, check our Add-On Deal posts here.

11oz New England Coffee for under $4 [limit 10]

Coffee time! If you like flavored ground coffee, non-decaf, you are in luck! Amazon appears to have a special buy on this 11 ounce New England Coffee Chocolate Cappuccino, on sale for under $4 as a regular purchase or slightly less as a “Sub & Save”.

Now just because you are buying a bag of flavored coffee, it doesn’t mean you have to brew a basket full of flavored coffee. You can mix and match it with regular coffee, so you get slight flavor, but not the overwhelming flavor some do not like. So as long as you can control what goes into your coffee machine’s basket, you can adjust how much of each coffee to use.

The coffees won’t fight with each other 🙂 Now if you mix two different flavored coffees together, they may start fighting. Or you may make a new coffee blend discovery 🙂

You can buy up to ten bags of this ground coffee at this price. It is an ADD-ON item, so you need an order of $25+, otherwise their computers won’t let you buy it. You can get to $25 with seven bags of this, or any combination of this and other products.

Multiple different flavors and sizes reside on the same product listings, so the review score is not necessarily indicative of this particular blend. You must needs dig into the reviews and filter them for this product. Maybe I need to make a short tutorial on how to do this, since it’s not easy to figure out if you don’t “live” on the Amazon website 🙂