T-Mobile Tuesdays for 10/10/17 headlined by Vudu and Dunkin Donuts

T-Mobile Tuesdays for October 10 in 2017 are coming back with some tried and true freebies, the Vudu credit ($5.50 to spend on Vudu any which way you like – buy or rent, TV or movies), and the $2 Dunkin Donuts credit!

Also coming along for the ride are two meh coupons, the usual Shell discount, and a 25% off discount at the Halloween Costumes website. The best time to buy Halloween Costumes is right after, not before 🙂

T-Mobile Tuesday for 10/2/17 has four solid offers including MLB Shop and Free Prints

T-Mobile Tuesdays are having good back to back weeks. The previous week was headlined by a clear stadium bag. The October 2nd (2017) have four solid offers:

  • ten FREE 4×6″ photo prints at CVS (store pickup only)
  • another $2 to spend at Dunkin Donuts
  • $20 to spend at the MLB Shop
  • option to buy “My Little Pony” tickets for $2

So nothing “tangible” like a stadium bag, but a solid round of options!

T-Mobile Tuesdays for 9/26/17 get you a FREE Stadium Bag, $2 at Dunkin, and more

T-Mobile Tuesdays are back with a good lot for September 26 in 2017! You get a clear T-Mobile branded stadium bag (you pick it up at the T-Mobile brick and mortar stores ~ if you are nice to their employees and they have too many of them, you may be able to score more of them), and a $2 Dunkin Donuts gift card (if you have Dunkin stores near you).

The other two offers are not as good, unless you need to buy a Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker from the T-Mobile B&M stores (probably at full price): you get a 25% off discount. And last but not least, is a 1-month subscription to “StudyBlue PRO”, which I’m assuming is some kind of a service for college students.

Free Cooking Class and Vudu Credit among T-Mobile 9/19/17 Tuesday Freebies

It’s all about media on the Tuesday 9/19/17 T-Mobile Tuesday. An all-time favorite is returning, the $5.50 Vudu store credit, which, during the promotional period, you can use to buy and rent any combination of movies and TV shows. You can use the promo credit on one or multiple (eg rent five 99c movies). This is different from the FandangoNOW offer which can only be used on one item even if that item is 99c.

The other good thing is a MasterChef online class and accompanying e-cookbook. This is the first time this offer has been with the Tuesdays, so I do not know any more details on what it is or how it works.

The other two offers are very meh coupons, some hotel thing, and even more meh, restaurant.com nonsense. We do not mince words here 🙂

T-Mobile Freebies for 9/12/17: FREE LEGO e-book, 3-month Pandora Premium, and coupons

Party-On T-Mobile-ites! Before we get to the September 12 (2017) freebies teaser, we should point that per the September 6 “Uncarrier” event, T-Mobile promised it will be giving 1-Year of Netflix (the standard 2-screen streaming plan) to customers participating in ONE plans with two or more lines. Check the interwebs for more details as there are always restrictions to these type of promotions.

So back to the 9/12/17 freebies we go, where we have a mix of actual media freebies and coupons. Two of each more specifically:

  • 90 day free trial to the Pandora Premium (their full streaming service, not the more famous radio ~ this converts to a $10/month if not cancelled)
  • one free LEGO e-book from BookShout (you can only read using their website or apps)
  • 40% off Legoland tickets
  • some Hotel Storm coupon

T-Mobile Tuesday freebies for 9/5/17 a mixed bag

It’s a mixed bag as far as the September 5 (2017) T-Mobile Tuesdays are concerned. You get two media freebies and two coupons. The best freebie is a brand new arrival at Tuesdays, a free 4-week online course at Shaw Academy. The other freebie is a 1-day free rental at Redbox kiosks. That’s good!

The bad are a sad $25 in Restaurant.com nonsense, along with the usual Shell discount, which is only of use if you already use Shell. And it’s a coupon, not a freebie 🙂

T-Mobile August 29 Tuesday FREEBIES are good!

T-Mobile customers, don’t forget to remember to check your Tuesday freebies on August 29 (2017), you have three pretty good freebies, along with a coupon! They are:

  • $5.50 Vudu store credit (you can use on rentals or purchases, multiple transactions until the amount is depleted or it expires)
  • 1-Year Subscription to either Teen Vogue or Glamour (digital, not print)
  • ten free photo prints at Walgreens
  • 25% off coupon at Hotel Storm

If you have multiple lines, you can get multiples of each promotion, however, some companies (eg Vudu) place weekly limits on how many freebies you can redeem per individual account. So you can only have one $5.50 credit per Vudu account per week, even if you have four T-Mobile lines.

Nice freebies for the August 22 T-Mobile Tuesdays

Rejoice T-Mobile users! The August 22, 2017 is a pretty good mix of actual freebies! Four out of the five items are actually good, a pretty good percentage!

The freebies are:

  • a FREE Basic Oil Change at your Meineke (cars and light trucks only)
  • FREE 1-Month of Drama Fever streaming service
  • $10 off at Lids, online or in-store
  • 30% off a Local Groupon (see terms for restrictions)
  • 25% off at HotelStorm

The other carriers have been rebooting their rewards programs to bridge the gap between them and Tuesdays, but they are not making any dent. Especially sad is AT&T’s attempt at a reward program 🙂

T-Mobile Tuesday for 8/15/17 include $100 Postmates Delivery Fee Credit and more

The freebies for the August 15 (2017) of the T-Mobile Tuesdays have been revealed and there are two brand new freebies coming! You will get a $100 delivery fee service credit at Postmates, and a FREE Sonic CD Steam game.

If you are not familiar with Postmates, this $100 credit only covers their service fee. Not the purchase price of products of services. So it’s not $100 to spend at Postmates, but $100 worth in covering the Delivery Fee part of the Postmates bill.

The third item is a coupon really, you can watch the new movie Hitman for $4 per ticket. This is a recurring offer that features different new movie theatrical releases.

T-Mobile Tuesday Freebies for 8/8/17 include 1-Day Redbox Rental and 1-Year Digital Magazine Sub

It is a mix of freebies and coupons at the T-Mobile Tuesdays for August 8, in 2017, as the cellular provider rewards are starting to heat up, with both Verizon and AT&T rebooting their rewards programs to counter the overwhelming success of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

For August 8 in 2017, the two freebies are a 1-day Redbox rental (your choice of game, DVD or BluRay), along with a 1-Year digital subscription of Men’s Health or Women’s Health. Since these offers are per line, if you have more than one line, you can get both magazines and multiple 1-day rentals. The 1-day rentals cannot be stacked on the same rental, Redbox only offers coupons on the first day.

Of the two coupons, one is potentially interesting (but price-check to be sure), you get 25% off Mophie at T-Mobile’s website or brick and mortar stores. The other coupon is utter meh, a $25 “credit” to Restaurant.com.

Good freebies on August 1st for T-Mobile Tuesdays

If you are a T-Mobile customer, make sure you remember to scoop up the freebies on Tuesday August 1st in 2017! You get two digital subscriptions, and one free B&M food, along with two coupons!

The three real freebies are:

  • Free Small Slurpee at a local 711 store
  • Free 3-month subscription to IndieFLEX (indie movies and documentaries; ad free; this is pretty good for FREE!)
  • Free subscription for soccer fans to the Bayern TV Plus (German football team)

And then we have two coupons, 50% off a local Groupon but the discount is capped to $10 (obviously, but still good). And the return of the Shell gas coupon.

T-Mobile Tuesdays for July 25 include a free Towel (!)

T-Mobiles plans, prices and attitude may be becoming more and more like AT&T and Verizon, but their T-Mobile Tuesdays continue! Their July 25 (2017) includes actual towels, with giant T-Mobile Tuesdays verbiage on them, and you can pick these up at your local brick-and-store T-Mobile stores.

The other freebie of this week is a free Disney e-book from Story Central.

The other three offers are “coupons”. The most interesting one is a brick and mortar one as well. You get 25% off select Samsung accessories. You are limited to the inventory available at your local store and by what items are participating in the promotion. Still, if you are part of the Samsung ecosystem, and you want to buy an accessory that has more or less similar prices everywhere, this is a good opportunity.

The other two coupons are returning from previous weeks, 25% off at Papa Johns pizza, and at a hotels website.

T-Mobile Tuesdays have a good set of actual freebies for 7/18/17

They are back in form! The T-Mobile Tuesday offers for Tuesday 7/18/17 have actual freebies! This is a good set of freebies too! You get the returning $5.50 Vudu store credit, which you can use any which way you like – you can rent movies, or buy TV shows or movies. This is an actual credit, so if they have a 10c sale on movies (which they often do these days to celebrate their 10 year anniversary), you can rent them all and still have credit left for other purchases or rentals. This is very nice, unlike the FandangoNOW credit which can only be spent on a single item. Good on Vudu!

But wait, there’s more good freebies! Using the Bookshout e-book service (this is a promotional type of a website that is designed for giveaways ~ it seems) you can get an e-book on the lovely National Parks. And this is a brand name ebook, by National Geographic which is also sponsoring some of the prizes of the day.

And there’s more! The aptly named FreePrints app is offering a dozen free prints and more importantly, they come with free shipping too. Ten of them are the standard 4×6 size, while two are the larger 5×7 inch.

Rounding out the action are two coupons, 25% off at Papa Johns (better ingredients [allegedly], better pizza [allegedly]), and 25% off at a hotel booking service.

It’s all Coupons for the July 11 T-Mobile Tuesday

We have a new low in the T-Mobile Tuesdays. July 11 (2017) will be the first time ever they are only offering coupons. Make no mistake about it, these are all glorified coupons, they are not freebies. If you pay, it’s not FREE 🙂

The three glorified coupons are:

  • $4 movie ticket for the new “Planet of the Apes” movie ~ good through the weekend
  • $25 off at Stitch Fix (clothing website) with free shipping
  • 25%5 off at Papa John Pizza

T-Mobile Tuesdays freebie for 4th of July is a Redbox Blu-Ray

A little bit on the light side are the 4th of July T-Mobile Tuesdays freebies, perhaps because of the holiday. There is really just one freebie, a 1-day Blu-Ray rental at Redbox. Everything else is a coupon, the usual Shell 25c off per gallon, 25% off at Papa Johns pizza, and the debut of a new offer, you pay $20 for a 1-year subscription of Ever Plus. You also get a free 3-month trial. Still a coupon, not a true freebie 🙂