20% off CBS All Access Subscription for 3 months

If you are ready to jump on the all new “Star Trek Discovery” bandwagon, and you missed out previous opportunities for a 2-week or better free trial on the “with commercials” plan, we have some alternatives for you!

Currently most options, such as Web Browser sign-up, Roku and Android (Google Play) only offer a 1-week free trial on the Limited Commercials plan ($6/month), and no free trial on the $10/month plan which has fewer commercials than the Limited Commercials plan, but it’s not ad-free like Netflix. Yeah, live to the Old Media to find a way to twist “no ads” into meaning “fewer ads”. Bastards!


One option for a discount is to sign up through Google Play using discounted Google Play gift cards. Pay for the subscription using your gift card balance, not a credit card. So the discount you find on the gift cards, is the effective discount you would get on the CBS All Access monthly subscription.


If you have an Apple TV, some people are reporting that they are offered a 30-day free trial through that. I don’t have an Apple TV to verify that.


Another option if you are signing up with a web browser is to use coupon code FALLACCESS which is a 20% off discount during your first three months of service.

Sadly the coupon does not work on Google Play ~ which would have been an opportunity to stack the discounts.


If you are totally sold on the CBS All Access concept they also sell prepaid annual plans with a built-in discount. Keep in mind however that they only have three original shows:

  • Star Trek Discovery and its Talk Show
  • The Good Fight (Good Wife spin-off)
  • Big Brother extras
  • that’s it, nothing else exclusive

They have a lot of CBS content, and offer additional ways to watch that CBS content. So if you are a fan of CBS TV in general, or some of their older TV shows (they have a library of many things), along with a handful of movies (“Defiance” perhaps the most recognizable).