Another $5 off Google Play Books promotion is up!

Google does not have an e-ink e-reader and does not have a modern tablet in its line-up, except for the variations on a PixelBook theme. So they have to work extra hard to convince hardcore e-book readers to buy and read ebooks off their service.

Which is perhaps one of the reasons why they have the recurring promotion that gets you $5 off an eBook purchase of $5+. A new promotion just went live, good until mid-January 2018. This is separate from the existing promotion that runs until October 12 (2017).

To get it, while logged on with your desired Google account, go to the Google Play Books page either using the Play Store Android app or your web browser. You will notice the offer rotating there if you are eligible for it.

I have no way of knowing whether they offer this to everyone or a subset of their users based on who-knows-what targeting options. When you see the offer, you must first manually add it to your Google account.

Once you add it to your account, go to your Google Play store “Account” page, and look for it under “Rewards”. If all is well, you will see it there:

As you can see this can co-exist with the expiring-soon promotion, just like the other two movie rental promotions can co-exist, however, they are not stackable. Meaning if you buy a $20 ebook, you’ll only get one $5 off. But you can use them to get $5 off two separate ebooks ~ assuming of course you have both offers activated in your Google account.