April 2017 Kindle First Choices are out, pick one out of six

It’s a new month, and April Fools Day to boot, but this post is no Fools joke! It is a new selection of Kindle First e-books, where Prime members can select one of the six choices for FREE and also start reading them immediately. These are pre-release ebooks that will get released May 1st for most people. Non-Prime members can buy one of the six for $2 and read them right away as well.

IF you are a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscriber though, fret not! Almost all of the Kindle First ebooks end up in KU, because that’s how Amazon manages to get exclusivity for the e-books and offer them early. You are not going to find a brand new Stephen King book in Kindle First 🙂

As usual, you have until April 30 in 2017 to make a choice out of these six. Since they are new, they don’t have a lot of reviews initially, but they pick up more of them as the days go by. So if none of them stands out right away, just revisit this in a week or two.

So without further ado, the April 2017 choices are…

  • “Paper Boats” by Lestari and Tsao in Coming of Age
  • “A Small Revolution” by Jimin Han in Literary Suspense
  • “Crimes Against a Book Club” (title hits too close to home for some readers!) by Kathy Cooperman in Contemporary Fiction
  • “Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel” by Mark Sullivan in Historical Fiction
  • “Beach Lawyer (Beach Lawyer Series)” by Avery Duff in Thrillers
  • “All the Lies We Tell (Quarry Road Book 1)” by Megan Hart in Romantique Drama