Bang for the Buck Fast Food: $5 All-Star Meal Boxes at Carl’s Jr

If you are looking for bang for the buck, and calories for the buck, Carl’s Jr (and its other incarnations) have recently brought in four different $5 boxes. They are actually boxes, even if you stay “for here”, you still get your food in a box like this:

It is a bit wasteful in terms of packaging and it fills up their trash much faster, but that aside, they have four different combos in this line that has this structure:

  • two main dishes
  • fries
  • fountain drink
  • cookie

You pay $5 plus any applicable taxes for all that. The best value in terms of the two main dishes is Combo #4, you get a Cheeseburger AND a Chicken Sandwich. This can be a lunch box for two if you take it to go. You can upgrade the fries to a larger size or supplement the meal for two with something else.

As it is, most of these boxes are over 1000 calories, making them more like a 1.5 meal, than just a lunch or dinner.

As usual with fast food, moderation is key! Just because the price is right, it doesn’t mean we eat this every day 🙂