Extra Membership Point at Best Buy and Macy’s

This is another American Express Offer you can find in the “Offers” section when you login to your account. It is available only to cards that participate in Membership Rewards (not the lovely AMEX Blue), and it is YMMV. First you have to find these offers in your account (some of them are targeted, so only some people get them), and then you have to manually activate them, which sounds ore complicated than it is, you just press the “Add to Card” button for every offer you are interested in. You can “Add to Card” on as many offers as you like, including all of them. But you have to do it one by one 🙂

An extra 1% may not be much but if you are only getting 1% in points anyway at Macy’s or Best Buy, then it is doubling up your Rewards points 🙂

Here are the screenshots of the two offers, Best Buy first, then Macy’s:

Remember, Macy’s, an AMEX BFF, is participating in the Plenti Rewards program, so you can find synergies with these two offers!