Free University of Chicago eBook for August 2017 [with DRM]

If you don’t hate DRM in ebooks and you don’t object to using Adobe’s Digital Editions DRM software and licensing technique, August 2017 brings us a new e-book freebie from the University of Chicago (the publisher). Their latest freebie is the 220-page e-book “Wallis’s War: A Novel of Diplomacy and Intrigue” by Kate Auspitz, published in 2015.

You have to enter your email address to get the freebie. Then you receive an email with a BiblioVault download link. You follow that, and then you can either download it or read it online. Because of the DRM-ness of it, either option requires some kind of a login/authentication.

I’m sure I’m not saying anything groundbreaking here in that I hate DRM, especially the way Adobe does it. It is invasive and inconvenient and unnecessary. Its most practical effect is to irritate legit readers.