Get 150 Bonus Stars IF you purchase three qualifying food items (SBUX Rewards)

The Bonus Stars offers are picking up the pace again at Starbucks. This new promotion (that requires manual activation) can get you 150 bonus stars if you purchase three specific items between February 28 and March 6 in 2017 (seven days promotional period). If you regularly eat breakfast or lunch at Starbucks, this is easy to get you. All you need to get is:

  • one breakfast sandwich
  • one salad
  • one bistro box
  • any item from each category is eligible but make sure you are clear what qualifies for each group (eg breakfast versus lunch sandwiches)

You will only earn 150 bonus stars from this promotion even if you buy multiples of each category during this promotional period. The bonus stars will load up on your account by 3/13/17, but these days they are pretty good about loading them very quickly. It increases confidence in the accuracy of the Rewards program when things are done quickly and efficiently 🙂