Get 150 Bonus Stars with purchase of three specific items (SBUX Rewards)

A new offer went out by email to Starbucks Rewards members. As usual, these may be targeted or rolling out on a staggered basis, so YMMV. This is an offer that you must first manually activate by clicking the button in the email. You get 150 Bonus Stars which is the equivalent of one full reward plus 25 stars, no small change! You have to buy three items to get it, the “Egg and Cheddar” breakfast sandwich (a $3 item), along with Any Salad and Any Bistro Box. You have to buy one of each, but not at the same time. The offer runs December 13-19 in 2016, so you have seven days to buy those three items.

This is a one time use bonus, so even if you buy 100 of each, you will only get 150 bonus stars 🙂