Kindle First choices for February 2018 are here!

February is here, and long before you celebrate Valentine’s or Chinese New Year, there’s a new round of Kindle First. Or as Amazon likes to call it now, “Amazon First Reads” because they changed how the program works. More specifically, they added to the program. The old way still continues, Prime members pick one out of six pre-release e-books for FREE and can start reading it right away. The addition is that you can also buy one of those books as …hardcover prints.

Without further delay, here are the February 2018 choices. You have until February 28 at 11:59pm to make a pick but don’t wait until the last millisecond 🙂

  • “White Rose Black Forest” by Eoin Dempsey in Historical Fiction
  • “Neighborly” by Elie Monago in Suspense
  • “Silent Victim” by Caroline Mitchell in Psychological Thrillers
  • “GO!” by Kazuki Kaneshiro (translated by Takami Nieda) in Literary Fiction
  • “Bone Music” by Christopher Rice in Thrillers
  • “Tough Tug” by Margaret Read McDonald and Rob McClurkan in Kids

As usual, if none of them screams at you “read me, read me!”, you can wait for a few days until they build up a review profile and you can use those reviews to decide which one to read or which one(s) to avoid.