Kindle First choices for March 2018 are here!

Kindle First, now reborn as “Amazon First Reads” because the hardcovers come out before the ebooks for the general population, is back with another month of choices for Prime members. As before, six pre-release ebooks are available for Prime readers to select from. You get one for free and read it right away, while the rest of the universe waits for it until the beginning of the following month.

The twist that is making it “First Reads” is that you also (and definitely optionally) buy the hardcovers of these books for $10 or less…

Anyway, back to the six ebooks, the six choices for your freebie are the following:

  • “A Glimmer of Hope” (The Avalon Chronicles) in fantasy by Steve McHugh (it is book #1 of a planned trilogy for 2018)
  • “Trespassing” by Brandi Reeds in Suspense
  • “True Fiction” by Lee Goldberg in Thrillers
  • “Digging In” by Loretta Nyhan in Contemporary
  • “Hell’s Princess” by Harold Schechter in Historical True Crime
  • “Feast” by Hannah Howard in Memoirs

As usual, you have until the end of the month to make a pick. They won’t run out of ebooks 🙂 This is particularly useful if none of them speaks to you immediately. You can get it 1-2 weeks for the early adopters to read through them and post reviews, and use the reviews to decide which one to get and which one(s) to avoid. The deadline for this month is March 31st in 2018. After that, a new set of ebooks will appear at the above page.