Kitchen Selectives CM-688 single-serve coffee machine for $12

If you are looking for a simple one cup at a time coffee machine that uses ground coffee and none of that “DRM coffee” nonsense, the Kitchen Selectives CM-688, a simple basic black single-serve machine, is on sale at the moment for around $12 at Free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member, otherwise, you’d need a qualifying order of $35 or more total. This is not a lightning deal, so the price change is unknown. You can buy as many as you like during this sale.

The coffee machine comes packaged with a 12 oz coffee cup (an open-ended cup, not a togo cup). There are no indications that this is BPA-free based on the description, reviews and Q&A. It has a permanent filter, and no heating element at the bottom, so you’d have to make and drink the coffee right away. The main benefits are one cup at a time, and small footprint and no carafe to clean every time. Needless to say, there’s only so much one can expect from a $12 machine! There are other colors, but they sell for more.

There over 500 customer reviews there (it averages 3.8 out of 5) and has over 100 answered questions if you are curious about it.