Make a Chase PAY purchase at a Starbucks store and get 300 Bonus Stars [UPDATED]

UPDATE 3/17/18
It’s here! It’s here! Three days after I used Chase PAY to reload my Starbucks gift card, paid at the register at a participating brick and mortar store, the 300 Bonus has arrived! So as suspected, you don’t have to buy an actual product (and miss out on the bonus stars), a reload of your gift card also counts a purchase.

The promotion ends 3/19/18! If you haven’t done this yet, I highly recommend you activate it in the ChasePAY app and get to it! 300 bonus stars are two FREE rewards plus 50 points (40% of a reward)…

This is a super hot deal if you are participating in the Starbucks Rewards program AND are using (or do not object to start using) Chase Pay, Chase’s mobile payment method. The offer gets you 300 Bonus Stars if you make a purchase at a Starbucks brick and mortar store using the Chase PAY app by March 19 in 2018.

But first, you must activate the offer in the ChasePAY app. Activating the offer also links your ChasePAY account with your Starbucks Rewards account, so have the Starbucks password ready because you have to login to connect them.

It’s a three step process:

  1. login to the ChasePAY app, locate the offer and Activate
  2. this will want to open a web browser and have you login to your Starbucks Rewards account
  3. once successful in the browser, this will send you back to the Chase PAY app where you will see the confirmation message

300 Bonus stars is a pretty nice bonus. That’s two full rewards, which you can use to get the most expensive items in the store for FREE! 125 stars is one full reward. So you also get 50 Bonus Stars to carry forward. That’s 2.4 rewards! Pretty, pretty, pretty as Larry David likes to say…

ChasePAY app problems with the offer

There are two potential problems before you can get the offer activated. The ChasePAY app is kinda goofy in that it only shows you the offer once when you login. If you don’t activate it right away, you won’t see the offer within the app (there is no dedicated offers section) until you close the app and login again. Extra work, but doable!

The second issue is that the linking of the Starbucks account may stall when the Starbucks website sends you back to the Chase PAY app. Then the Chase PAY apps stalls and nothing happens. If that happens, try rebooting your device, or better yet, just use a different device. This with Android. I switched to a different phone and it worked right away. Both were running Nougat. The offer is not activate until you get confirmation in the ChasePAY app and you see the Starbucks card under “Loyalty Cards” in the ChasePAY app…


Step #2 is needed so you, at the Starbucks Rewards website, can authorized ChasePAY to access your Starbucks account. This is a full screenshot of the permission request. You have to manually confirm it, otherwise the offer won’t activate…