May 21-27: Buy $300+ in VISA Gift Card, Get $20 Staples Gift Card via EasyRebate

This recurring promotion is coming back at Staples brick and mortar stores for the shopping week of May 21-27 in 2017. The terms are as before, if you buy $300 or more in prepaid VISA gift cards (in a single transaction), the cash register will spit out (or email if you have email-only receipts) an EasyRebate offer that will get you a $20 Staples Gift Card after a few weeks. EasyRebates can be submitted online using data from the cash register receipt. You don’t have to mail anything or make any photocopies. Very easy.

As usual, this is profitable if you can get to $300+ with two gift cards (or in very rare cases if you can find one). That’s because each card has an activation fee which eats up your $20 bonus.

This offer is particularly good if you have a credit card that gives you 5% cashback on office supplies, such as some of the Chase Ink cards.