[DEAD] Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) drops to $120 (VM)

The new year came (2016) and with it, all the Virgin Mobile USA phone discounts got washed away… But I’m sure they’ll have more sales in the next few days… CES is already underway and more phones are getting announced, so it’s natural for the existing models to eventually go through the discounting and clearance cycle…

The offers below have EXPIRED as of a 1/4/16 check:

The Virgin Mobile version of the 3rd generation Motorola Moto G (but sadly the 1GB RAM, 8GB on-board version, not the 2GB/16GB) is on sale for $120, in new condition, and without any contract requirements at the official Virgin Mobile USA website. It has a microSD slot, so that can help some with the storage. This is locked to Virgin, and comes with Android 5.1. It is possible that it may never get Marshmallow, I have no way of knowing.

While there, Virgin also put a few other phones on sale, the new condition Samsung Galaxy S5 (hello microSD and replaceable battery fans!) is down to $400 (new condition; no contract), while the HTC Desire 626s (the small “s” is part of the model name, not plural) dropped to $104 but it is out of stock and cannot be ordered (as of blog-posting date).

They also offer free overnight shipping until 12/31/15 if you enter coupon code NEWYEARSHIP in their shopping cart. Also, if you have a Virgin Mobile account balance (prepaid accounts), and your balance covers the full purchase price of a phone, you can use your balance to pay for it. Just make sure you still have enough money in your account to carry you forward until the next reload.