New Kindle First Pick program: discounted hardcover for Prime members

Amazon is expanding their Kindle First program with a new twist – the new “Kindle First Pick” program that offers a new release book at a hardcover discount. You can find it at the top of the Kindle First page.

The first guinea pig in this spin-off is the book A Tangled Mercy: A Novel by Joy Jordan-Lake which officially get published November 1st in 2017 for the general population. The hardcover discount as part of Kindle First gives you the hardcover book for $10. This is only available to Prime members.

The price you see for the e-book however, depends on these factors:

  • if you are not a Prime member, the price is $5
  • if you are a Prime member, and you haven’t made a Kindle First October 2017 pick, the price is $2
  • if you are a Prime member, and you already picked a free October 2017 ebook, the price is $5

This was one of the six ebooks offered for October 2017, but this is the first time they are offering a hardcover discount on a Kindle First e-book.