Peetnik Bonus Points promotion!

If you are a fan of Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik’s Rewards program (or do not object to joining – it’s fairly easy and free to do so), they are running a promotion between April 9-15 in 2018. Make four checkins during the promotional period and get six bonus points. The four checki-ns must be on four separate days, so you must needs visit Peet’s for four of the seven days of the promotional period. Foods and drinks of all price ranges are eligible for the promotion.

Redemption of free rewards does not count. You have to buy something on those four days. It could be as simple as an egg or a little pastry bite. It doesn’t have to be a latte or a lunch item 🙂

Strategically, this is pretty good. 15 points get you a reward. Assuming you redeem the reward for a $6 item (eg the largest size of your favorite drink), that makes each point worth 40c. The six bonus points that will be added to your account then have a virtual buying power of $2.40. Combine that with the four purchases needed to get this, that’s $4 in virtual buying power by doing this promotion. Or 10 out of the 15 points needed towards another FREE reward…