Q2 is coming, activate the Chase 5% Bonus Categories

If you have a Chase Freedom credit card that has the 5% quarterly promotions, don’t forget to activate the second quarter of offers because it’s a good one! The second quarter runs from April 1st until June 30 in 2018 and the 5% categories are Grocery stores (excludes Walmart and Tarjay and warehouse clubs) and also 5% PayPal and ChasePay (accepted at Starbucks and Best Buy). So load up your Starbucks gift card in-store using ChasePAY and get 5%)!

As usual, the quarterly limit is $1500 during the quarter. Any purchases in these categories over $1500 will earn your default 1% unlimited cashback rate. If you have multiple Chase Freedom credit cards, the limit is $1500 per card, NOT per person!

If you are not going to get to $1500+ from Grocery purchases alone, don’t forget, most grocery stores sell gift cards for a variety of other retailers. So you can buy gift cards for your favorite non-grocery retailers at your favorite grocery stores and still score the 5%. If you are not certain, try a small amount during one statement period and do the statement math to see if it worked. Don’t do the experiment too close to the statement closing date as it may roll-over to the next billing period.

There are many ways to activate the offers, using the Chase website, or their official app, or the emails they send as reminders. Or you can go directly to ChaseBonus.com and enter your last name, last four numbers of the card and zipcode and have it activate that way.

Chase allows activation deep into the promotional period, so you don’t have to this before April 1st, but if you don’t do it now, you may forget, and by the time you remember, it may be too late for the promotion.