Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon) for $170

The smartphone offers never stop on eBay and with good reason, since we now have many capable smartphone generations, especially if you don’t “must have” the latest model. Especially in the case of the Galaxy flagships since the new S6s don’t have microSD and don’t have removable battery. So, among the latest offers, the seller refurbished Samsung Galaxy S4, model i545, for the Verizon Wireless network, is offered for $170 with free shipping, in black or white, by eBay seller “BidAllies” (98.5%). Over 2600 units got sold from this listing so far.

Since this is on Verizon, you don’t have the network flexibility of a GSM phone, so the price is lower. It has 16GB on-board storage, and no contract!