Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S4 with 1yr warranty (AT&T or Verizon) for $250

If you like the protection of a 12-month warranty, and like to purchase from Amazon actual (not random sellers on eBay), and you don’t like contracts, and you don’t want to have the latest model immediately, then you can get the certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy S4, with a 12-month warranty and all accessories, in your choice of AT&T or Verizon (but NO CONTRACT) for $250 at by Amazon actual. This is not unlocked, it’s either AT&T or Verizon depending on your choice.

Unlike the S6, the S4 has both a microSD slot and a removable battery. Back when Samsung was proud of the Galaxy S flagship line and didn’t completely surrender to the iPhones or Google’s anti-SD obsession (MEOW!).

This is a fairly recent development, the product page over there says these were added in late June 2015.