Samsung Book Deals for May 2017 are out (pick one from four)

Oops! I forgot to post this earlier in the month! The Samsung Book Deals for May 2017 are running, good until the last day of the month. As with before, you can pick one of the four available ebooks for FREE! Make sure the price shown is $0.00, otherwise you will be charged for it!

To get these, you need to have a Samsung hardware device that is eligible for this promotion, AND download the Kindle app from the Samsung app store (not GooglePLAY, not Amazon’s app store). The extra benefit of that app is that it is optimized for the S-Pen. Of note (no pun intended) if you have Samsung Galaxy Note phones and tablets 🙂

Some Samsung devices have this offer only for a limited time (eg 12 months after purchase), some devices are NOT eligible, while other devices are eligible for the lifetime of the device.

Regardless, all the ebooks offered through this are available through Kindle Unlimited as well, so you have another option to read them (if you are a KU subscriber that is).

My pick from this quartet was Drifters 🙂

The ebooks offered here are all previously released ebooks and they have plenty of reviews already in the Kindle store, so you can use a long list of reviews and ratings and comments to make your decision.

Samsung Book Deals is different from the Kindle First program which only offers pre-release ebooks (most of which ends up in Kindle Unlimited as well).