Samsung Book Deals options for January 2017

If you have an eligible Samsung device, you can get one free e-book per month from a choice of four options, if you use the Kindle app downloaded from the official Samsung app store. This app is tuned to work with the S-Pen, so that’s a plus if you have a Note device!

Your benefit and how long it lasts depends on which Samsung device you purchased and when. I have no clue which devices qualifies for what, so that’s up to you to determine. IF you have an eligible device, the four e-books, under the “Book Deals” section of the Kindle app downloaded from the Samsung app store show a price of FREE/$0. If you see an actual price, it means you will pay for it. But fear not, even if so, you can always go to and reverse/cancel the purchase.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, these are the four choices for January 2017. You have until 1/31/17 to make a choice. Unlike Kindle First that offers brand new e-books, almost all the Samsung Book Deals options are already part of Kindle Unlimited, so they have a built-up review profile, which can help you device if none of the books shout “read me” immediately.

The choices are:

  • “First Activation” by the Wearmouth brothers (book #1 in a post-apocalyptic series)
  • “Katwalk” by Maria Murmano
  • “Opal Fire” by Barbra Annino in a Mystery series
  • “The Kentucky Bride” by Norah Hess in Steamy Romances

OPTIONALLY, once you buy the e-book of your choice, you can add audio narration (Audible audiobook) for typically an extra $2 more. In the strange world of e-book pricing, sometimes it is cheaper to buy the ebook + audiobook, than buy the audiobook directly!