T-Mobile Customers Only: Freebies Every Tuesday and How To Get Them

UPDATE #4: the Weekly promotions are offered per T-Mobile line, so if you have multiple lines on the same account, everyone gets the freebies. The exception so far is the T-Mobile share, only the primary account holder gets that. The other restriction is that for some things, like Vudu credit, you can only add one credit per Vudu account (an issue only if one person has two lines).

UPDATE #3 on 6/7/16 at 8:32pm ET: both the Website and the Android app are working again, so you can redeem any of the offers you may have previously missed! The four offers available are Domino’s (free 2-topping medium pizza), Wendy’s (small frosty), Vudu ($5.50 credit for use at their website), and Fandango (free ticket for the new “Warcraft” movie to watch this weekend).

You must claim/redeem these by 5am ET on Wednesday 6/8/16…

UPDATE #2 on 6/7/16 at 2:46pm ET ~ it is #FAIL everywhere. The apps, the website, the offers. It is Day #1 but still, when you are supposed to be “getting Thanked” and instead you waste your time trying to get a freebie and you get nothing, so you end up with a net negative.

UPDATE #1: You don’t have to use the iOS or Android app, there is always the T-Mobile Tuesdays website where you can login with your T-Mobile account. It has the same user interface as the mobile apps.

If you are a T-Mobile customer, starting tomorrow (6/7/16), you will get FREEBIES from T-Mobile every Tuesday. This was announced as part of the Uncarrier 11 event (see YouTube Stream, advanced to the 18 minute mark of the raw footage).

The benefits will change every week. You have to grab them on that particular Tuesday by adding them to your account. If you miss a particular Tuesday haul, it is gone, but they will have new ones every Tuesday (as long as the program continues).

For the first launch Tuesday (6/7/16), you will get four freebies without any strings attached to them, a Domino’s pizza, a Wendy sugar frostie thing, a movie rental from Vudu, and a movie ticket to the brand new movie Warcraft (based on the popularly addictive game).


ONE TIME GIFT: A free T-Mobile Share (Stock)
On top of that, as a one-time launch gift, each primary account member will receive one FREE share of T-Mobile, currently going for around $40. This will happen through a free brokerage account. You can earn more T-Mo shares by referring customers to T-Mobile, up to 100 per year.

If you are on a multi-line account, only the primary account holder gets the free share, not every person/line.

This is the main screen of the app (Android version) with a countdown clock until the next Tuesday (screenshot below)…


Locate the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, a brand new app created for this very purpose at the iOS or Google Play store. If the search can’t find it, locate the regular T-Mobile app and click on the app maker which will show you their other apps.

Once you install it, you have to login. You enter your T-Mobile phone number, then shortly after that you will receive a text message with a 4-digit verification code. Enter the verification code in the app and you are good to go. This can happen over Wi-fi, you don’t have to be on the T-Mobile network since the verification happens via the phone number and the text message.

Once there, you have to check the app every Tuesday to claim the various freebies. Since this is the first time this happened, I don’t know how exactly it will go down, but I will post more once the freebies become available.

Long FAQ in the App
If you don’t want to watch the video or you want to find answers that were not covered in it, there is a long FAQ in the app when you go into the Menu (the flat hamburger thing). It is very magenta:


Marshmallow Users
These are the user-controlled permissions the app shows if you are running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). This is a screenshot from a Nexus device: