T-Mobile Tuesday for June 20 includes a $20 Amazon Music Subscription credit

T-Mobile is improving upon last week with the June 20 Tuesdays freebies for current paying subscribers to their service. The headliner is a $20 credit towards an Amazon Music streaming subscription service, in other words, you get two free months. After those free months, it will automatically convert into a paying subscription until you manually cancel it. Cancelling things is easy at Amazon, you just go to your account page and cancel it. You don’t have to “fight” with customer service or jump through hoops.

The other items are more coupons than freebies, the sad Baskin Robins coupon that isn’t even a straight up B1G1 (Buy One, Get One), and the last one is a $4 movie ticket for Michael Bey’s masterpiece (okay, put that in quotes), “Transformers 5”.