Tiger PDU-A30U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer for $104 (with Clip-ON coupon)

If you make a lot of tea and coffee or need hot (or boiling) almost all the time (eg new baby), one way to go about it is to get a dedicated water boiler and warmer that is connected to AC power all the time and constantly keeps water hot (or near boiling; at your preset temperature), so you can use it right when you need it.

One such device is currently on special at Amazon! It is the 3-Liter Tiger PDU-A30U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer/, in stainless steel black, going for $130 with free shipping. But what makes it a deal is that if Amazon actual is a seller, there is a limited time 20% off clip-on coupon that drops the price from $130 to $104~. The coupon depends on the price of the item, so if its price goes up and down, the coupon discount will be a percentage of that new price.

On the same listing there are three different versions, a 3L (this one) and a 4L and a 5L, so if you are reading customer reviews over there, make sure you are looking at the correct model.

This can also be handy at a small business or office, especially if your business is food or drink related.

I am certainly tempted by one of these as I drink much and more tea 🙂