Whole Foods discounts coming along with other benefits

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods will usher the first wave of big changes starting on Monday 8/28/17! And it will be very practical changes: in-store discounts! a number of popular food items will be discounted. The amount of the discounts is not mentioned in the press release so we’ll have to wait until Monday to see which products and by how much.

Whether there is more flexibility for bigger discounts are obviously the 365 house brand and other products that Whole Foods have more control over the price. Amazon could decide to give them away for free if they wanted to 🙂

It’s hard to tell from the general press release. Some products are competitively priced at Whole Foods (eg, their 16oz almond butters are the same price as Trader Joe), while other products are priced as if they are made of gold. So patience is a bargain hunter’s virtue in this case. Monday is not that far away 🙂


These will take longer to get implemented, but Amazon is planning the following things:

  • install Amazon Lockers (like at 711 stores) inside Whole Foods stores so you can pick up your Amazon.com orders while shopping there)
  • Whole Foods house brand products will be available through the various Amazon websites including their main website and Prime Pantry and local delivery (PrimeNOW, FRESH)
  • Prime members will get additional benefits and discounts once they integrate Prime and the Whole Foods IT infrastructure ~ technology will determine how long this will take to go live