New $10 Amazon Snack Sample Box with Versatile Redemption Options

A new super-versatile Amazon Snack Sample Box has been launched! As with all “Sample” offers, this is restricted to Prime members. With this new offer, you will receive a snack box with a minimum of eight items that includes protein/snack bars but also conventional snacks chips and nuts and cookies.

The nice thing with this offer is that you can redeem your $10 credit (added to your Amazon account automatically after your order ships) on over 80 versatile redemption options such various flavors of the RxBars, along with a variety of other items included in the sample box.

New Amazon $8 Gatorade Nutrition (non-liquid) sample box [Prime only; Free Shipping]

If you are a fan of Gatorade and an Amazon Prime member, you’ve found the right spot! Amazon has launched a new Gatorade Sample Box. You pay $8 with free standard shipping (you can’t check the shipping speed on Amazon Samples), and for that you receive a box of Gatorade nutrition samples. The page above shows five different items, including protein bars, chews and powders. You may receive a slightly different selection depending on what’s available at the warehouse.

Then, after this order ships, you will receive an email from Amazon informing you that a $8 credit has been automatically applied to your Amazon account (no coupon code is needed). You can spend this credit on 90+ eligible Gatorade nutrition products. These are mostly solids, not liquid Gatorade bottle. The spending happens automatically in the shopping cart as long as you have eligible products in there.

So assuming you can spend the $8 sample credit on products you like or want or need, then you’ll getting the samples for free in a roundabout way.

I’ve done multiple samples boxes and individual samples, they work like clockwork. It’s a pretty good way to try new items and stock up on your favorites. On rare occasion a product may qualify for multiple categories, so it may pull multiple sample credits (which means you pay even less out of pocket).

15% off Amazon Luxury Grooming Sample boxes

Everything’s possible at Amazon! Even clip-on coupons on their Sample boxes! That’s right, the sample boxes. Currently Amazon has two men’s grooming boxes and each one of them has a 15% off green clip-on coupon on them!

So the $17 Sample Box becomes $14.45 after you clip the green coupon, while the $20 Sample Box drops to $17. You get free shipping regardless. I believe these ship separately, and they have only one shipping option (standard shipping), so you cannot make any adjustments or get the $1 digital credit on them.

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Hot New Deal: Snacks Amazon Sample box for $10 [Prime members only!]

A Prime membership is getting more and more valuable. Among the many Prime Benefits are the Amazon Sample Boxes. They work like this:

  1. You purchase a sample box at its listed price
  2. one week after the sample box ships, the purchase price of the sample box is added to your Amazon account as a store credit; you can use that store credit to purchase products from a list of items that includes the sampled products

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Amazon launched $12 Sample Box for Dogs (food and treats)

Amazon appears to be loving the Sample Boxes idea, because they have launched a brand new one, these one offering treats and food for dogs. Now the puppies can really wait by the door for their very own Amazon package 🙂

As before, these offers are restricted to Prime members only. The promotion works just like the other sample boxes.

  1. Buy the $12 Sample Box – you pay full price
  2. you receive the sample box – I believe it has only one shipping delivery speed, you can’t change it
  3. one week after your $12 box ships, Amazon will post a $12 promotional credit to your Amazon account. They will send you an email informing you so
  4. once the credit is in your account, you can use it towards the purchase of eligible dog food products. Over 110 items are eligible as of the time of writing. You cannot use the credit on any Amazon purchase. Only these participating products which are often the brands you get in the Sample box
  5. the promotional credit has an expiration credit, so pay attention to that. You can use it in multiple transactions, you don’t have to use it all at once

New Amazon K-Cups Sample Box for $8

Your Prime membership is hard at work with a brand new K-Cups Sample Box! You pay $8 and you get a box of various K-Cups from Peet’s, Brooklyn, Green Mountain, and more. You will receive a minimum of seven K-Cups in your sample box.

After you receive your Sample Box, a credit of $8 will be automatically added to your Amazon account. Amazon will notify you by email that the credit is in your account. Then you can use that $8 credit to make a purchase from these 100+ eligible K-Cups from a various companies.

While the Sample Box is all coffee, the redemption of your $8 credit has more flexibility. In addition to coffee, there’s also various teas and hot cocoa and such.

Strategically it’s a good idea to check the redemption options first, make sure there’s at least one or two agreeable items, and only then commit to buying the Sample Box. Otherwise you may end up buying things you don’t really want 🙂

PS: as with previous offers, this is restricted to PRIME members only.

Prime Only: NEW Mr Olympia Fitness Supplement Sample Box for $10

Rejoice Sample Box addicts. For Prime members only, Amazon has launched a brand new one, it is a Mr Olympia Sample Box for $10. For that, you get at least eight samples in the fitness and body building category (as the “Mr Olympia” name suggests). About a week after your order ships (not after you place it), you will receive a $10 ($9.99 to be exact) credit to your Amazon account. They will send an email informing you of this. The sample boxes have only one shipping option, and they are not eligible for 2-day Prime shipping or slow-shipping credits.

Once the credit is in your account, you can use it to purchase any combination of all these Fitness-releated products from brands including Vega, EAS, FitJoy, and Cytosport. If you want to be a totally super-thrifty shopper, look for items just over $10, such this Creatine powder.

If you haven’t done this before, here are some of the Terms and Conditions. If you like to get more or see the status of your order, check the Sample Boxes main page.


Dog Food Sample Box with $10 credit (Prime only!)

Hooray dog lovers or if you want to donate dog food to a local shelter or volunteers who take care or foster dogs! If you are an Amazon Prime member, Amazon has now launched a Dog Food Sample Box.

The deal is the same as before. You pay $10 for the sample box. It arrives with a minimum of seven different foods and treats. One week after the order ships, Amazon will send you an email that a $10 credit has been added to your Amazon account. After that happens, you can use the $10 credit to purchase any combination of the 250+ eligible items. You can split the $10 credit among multiple items and multiple orders, or it can go towards a more expensive item. It happens automatically, it’s the first thing that gets deducted from the total before your gift cards and credit cards are billed.


Even though these are for Prime members, they only ship with one speed, standard shipping. You cannot change this to 2-day Prime shipping and you cannot change it to slower shipping to get shipping credits. In practice, how fast it gets to you depends on how close you are to the warehouses that have them in stock 🙂

As usual, there is no stated expiration date on the offer, this is good until they run out of them. If you haven’t done this before, there are a few other Sample Boxes running. You can also check our write-ups on the previous offers.

New Amazon Sample Box: Buy $5 Crest box, Get $5 Credit

If you are fond of the Amazon Sample boxes, we have good news for you! A brand new offer got launched at Amazon. It works similarly to their previous sample boxes. You pay $4.99 out of your own pocket for Crest Sample Box and one week after this ships, you receive a $4.99 credit in your Amazon account to spend on a variety of Crest, Oral-B and Glide products including toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and related items.

Of the previously mentioned sample boxes, the only one that continues is the Amoretti Syrup. The more versatile stuff like the protein bars and snacks are sold out. You can find out what’s available and which ones you already purchases, and also the remaining credit you have with each offer at the Sample Boxes page.

PS: I will post more details if I decide to jump on the Crest box.

If you are Redeeming Amazon Sample Boxes Credit, this magical RxBar qualifies for THREE of the CREDITS (stackable!)

If you participated in the Amazon Sample Box promotions and have the Credits now in your account waiting to be spent, there is a “magic bar”, magic in that it is eligible for THREE of the different credits, and the credits are stackable, so you can get it for nearly FREE!

This “magic bar” is none other than the RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt flavor. When you add it to the shopping cart, three different credits activate: the Protein Bar credit, the Snack Bar credit, and the Snack Sampler credit.

You can verify this by adding the bar to the shopping cart and proceeding to your checkout page. You will see the three credits on the right hand side. Here is a screenshot of that:


When I took the screenshot above, its price was $26. As of posting time (6/6/16 PM), its price dropped to $20.80 (without Subscribe and Save), so your out of pocket is under $1.

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Prime Only: Buy $5 Cookie Sampler, Get $5 to spend on Future Purchase of Similar Items

The party continues, Prime members have yet another option to buy a sample box, and then use the purchase price of the sample box towards a future purchase of similar items [see previous offers].

And now we have something sweet, something you may need to spend a few more hours on the treadmill to burn, it’s the Cookie Sample Box. You pay $5 with free shipping and you get a box with at least five samples. You have to be a Prime member to get them. There’s only one shipping option (see screenshot with drawings below), you can’t select faster or slower.


As you can see above, you get confirmation in the shopping cart that you are eligible for this offer. There’s also another confirmation note on the right side of the page ~ in case you are a confirmation hypochondriac 🙂

About one week after your order ships, you will receive an email from Amazon telling you that a $5 credit has been activated in your account. Then and only then, you can use that credit to make a purchase of similar items, from 276 options. Do not buy from here until you receive your $5 credit email. (if you want to get a better feel for this, check our older post back when they had a K-Cup offer (no longer available!)

Prime members: Buy $5 Snack Bar Sampler, Get $5 Credit for Future Purchase of similar

We continue to check the hot new promotion that is the Amazon Sampler Boxes, restricted to Prime members only. We already covered the $10 Protein Sampler and the $5 Snack Sampler but there’s a third box that is related, this time it is a $5 Snack Bar Sample Box. You will receive at least five samples. There may (or may not) be some overlap with the other two categories in terms of sample uniqueness, but they are all edible 🙂


Just like before, when you reach the last step in the Checkout page (see screenshot with drawings above), you will get confirmation in the main section of the shopping cart that your order is eligible for this promotion. But that’s not all, you also get a confirmation in the right sidebar, below your order total (screenshot below):

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Prime Members: Buy $5 Snack Box, Get $5 Credit Towards Future Purchase of Snacks

The Post Office (or UPS or whichever delivery services are tasked with this) are going to be very busy delivering Amazon sample boxes in the next few days. Amazon is rolling these type of promotions faster than I can type 🙂

I already mentioned the most versatile promotion of this lot (the Protein Bar offer). This one is not as good but the price is definitely right.

So the routine is the same as before, you have to be a Prime member. You buy this Snacks Sample Box for $5 with free shipping. You are guaranteed to get at least five snack items, but no guarantees you will receive a specific brand.

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Prime members: Buy $10 Protein Bar Sample Box, Get $10 Credit for Future Protein Bar Order

We have good news for you if you are a Prime member and like to try different protein bars! Amazon is expanding its “Sample Box with Credit” promotions. A few weeks ago we mentioned the K-Cup sampler promotion (currently unavailable). Now they are offering a similar promotion for protein bars.


If you haven’t done anything like this before, here’s the TL;DR:

  • you are a Prime member
  • you buy this $10 Protein Bar Sample Box (you get at least 8 of them)
  • One Week after Order Shipment Date (not Purchase Date), you get an email from Amazon saying they added a $10 credit to your Amazon account (this is behind the scenes, you don’t need a coupon code)
  • THEN you can use that $10 credit to buy select Protein Bars, sold by Amazon, not marketplace sellers. Over 2000 items are eligible (don’t buy these until you get your email informing you of a $10 credit!!!)

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