Android PAY with Chase Freedom: Buy Groceries 5 times, Get $15 Statement Credit

UPDATE 5/25/17
The $15 statement credit is now posted on my account! Woohoo!!! 🙂 Here’s a screenshot of the $15 credit… Click on “View Image” to see a larger size of the picture…

If you have Android PAY and a Chase Freedom credit card, you may want to check your AndroidPAY app. There is a brand new offer that will get you a $15 statement credit if you make at least five purchases of groceries using AndroidPAY with the Chase Freedom credit card.

The offer is also good if you add a Chase Freedom card to your AndroidPAY account. I didn’t have mine preloaded, but right after I added it, the offer showed up in the account like this:

You hit the “GOT IT” button above to proceed.

Chase is already running a 5% Cashback promotion on Grocery purchases for Q2 of 2017, so if a store is eligible for the 5%, you can assume it will also qualify as a grocery store for the purchases of this promotion.

Once activated in your account, the promotion will show a punchcard style graphic in the AndroidPAY app, so you’ll know what qualifies and not by looking at that. I just loaded mine up, here’s how it looks (cropped picture since it shows account number digits):

I’ll post an update after I do a couple of transactions and after I complete the “challenge” 🙂

UPDATE 5/17/17
Within a few seconds of completing my first transaction, the app updated and the “punch card” showed one of the five completed. I plan on doing my grocery shopping today to complete it by the end of the day 🙂

Success! My shopping spree was successful! I have completed the five minimum grocery purchases for this promotion. Once completed, I got a notification notifying me of this major achievement 🙂

And within the app, here’s the completed punch card 🙂


Waiting for the $15 statement credit to appear in my credit card account. I will post an update here once I notice it 🙂