(ENDED) 30% off Tea, Brewing Gear, Packaged Food at Peet’s Stores on 12/17/17

This 2-day coupon expired…

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Peetnik Rewards: Free Bakery Item + Drip Coffee with 1 LB of Coffee at Peet’s B&M

Running in parallel with the $10+ offer is another Peetnik Rewards offer running until 12/31/17 as well for members of the Rewards program. If you make a purchase of one pound of coffee at their brick and mortar stores, you get a free bakery item and a free small drip coffee or tea. The offer is automatically loaded in your Peetnik Rewards program.

December 2017: Earn Double Peetnik Reward points on $10+ orders

For the whole calendar month of December in 2017, if you are participating in the Peet’s Rewards program (Peetniks), every time you make a purchase of $10+ (before taxes), you earn double rewards points. You can use this offer as many times as you like during the month. You have to be a member of their Rewards program (obviously) which is free to join.

Strategically, you can now split larger purchases into parts. So instead of buying two pounds of coffee during one visit, buy one pound on two separate visits 🙂

Triple Rewards points on Holiday Baked Goods at Peets

Monday is the day new offers come out for Peet’s Rewards members (aka Peetniks). This week’s offer ends on Thanksgiving (10/23/17) instead of Sunday night. You get three reward points (instead of the usual one) when you make a purchase that includes one of the holiday season bakery items (baked goods). If you are not sure what qualifies, pay attention to the labels and pictures, or *gasp* ask the employees there 🙂

You can use this offer as many times as you like during the promotional period. Regular bakery items are NOT eligible.

Peetnik Rewards: $2 Bottled Cold Brew with Any Beverage purchase

If you want to try out the Peet’s Bottled Cold Brew coffees (any available flavor in their B&M stores) but don’t want to pay the full price, they have a promotion running now until 11/19/17 at their B&M stores that gets you any bottled cold brew for $2 AS LONG AS you also buy any other beverage in the same transaction. In other words, you buy your regular/favorite drink as usual, and add the Cold Brew to your order.

You must be a members of their free-to-join Peetnik Rewards. They have apps for Android and iOS now. Won’t likely ever get a Windows Phone app though 🙁

3X Points on Holiday Blend Coffee at Peets until 11/12/17

It’s official the start of the holiday season when the Holiday Blend arrives at the Peet’s Coffee shops. And they have arrived! To encourage coffee fans to stock up, Peets has a new promotion for their Peektnik Rewards members [free to join]. You earn three points instead of one point IF your purchase includes any of the Holiday Blend coffees. The K-Cups are NOT eligible.

The promotion runs until November 12, in 2017, and can be used multiple times. So if you buy coffee beans every day until 11/12/17, you will earn 3 points every time 🙂

There is no coupon code to enter, you just have to “check in” using the Peetnik app! In other words, have your app scanned at the register at Peets.

$1 Small Coffee or Tea at Peets Bay Area Every Wednesday during the NBA Season

If you live or work or travel or go on vacation in the Northern California SF/SJ Bay Area during the NBA Season, and there is a Peet’s Coffee store near you, every Wednesday, you can get a Small Coffee or Tea for $1 IF you visit their stores wearing Golden State Warriors logo gear.

The promotion runs October 18th, 2017 until June 15th, 2018.

Their email does not specify exactly what qualifies. A shirt or a jacket for example would have to qualify. What if you take a Warriors licensed coffee mug? A hat? Shorts? Shoes? Rings? Scarf? Only way to find out – ask in-store or show up with it.

Or to be on the safe side, wear EVERYTHING Golden State Warriors 🙂

Peetnik Rewards: Three Bonus Points on TWO Check-Ins this week

If you are a regular at Peet’s, this week is a good week to score extra rewards points! All you have to do is check-in (make a purchase) TWO times between 10/23 and 10/29 in 2017. Unlike Starbucks, all the Peets offers are automatically activated for anyone participating in their Peetknik Rewards program, so you just use the app to pay and you’ll score the points.

The way the promotion is phrased, it suggests that you will get three extra bonus points, in addition to the usual point you receive with every check-in.

You need 15 points to earn a reward. Assuming you redeem the reward for your most expensive item, let’s say a $6 item, this places a value of $0.40 per reward point. So the three bonus points are worth $1.20 in virtual redemption value. Plus the two regular points for the two check-ins/purchases.

Peets AM/PM Promo on Cold Brew

A new Peeknik Rewards promotion has been activated in the Peets Rewards app (aka Peetnik Rewards) until the close of business on Sunday 10/22/17. This offer requires two separate visits and two separate purchases during the same time. First, you must needs buy any beverage before 10am local time. Then, you can visit at any time after 12pm local time, and get 50% off Cold Brew. The AM beverage can be anything, but the PM must needs be a cold brew.

Since Cold Brew is on the expensive side compared to “normal” coffee, this is a good opportunity to get some without breaking the bank. Assuming you need a morning coffee.

Peetnik Rewards: 3X Points on $10+ transactions

If you are planning to make coffee or equipment purchases at Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik Rewards program, they have a new Triple Points promotion on purchases of $10+ at their B&M stores.

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Friday: 25% off Coffee Beans at Peets

The best coffee deal, in terms of quality (not bang for the buck) for National Coffee Day on Friday September 29 (2017) is at Peet’s Coffee shops. On that day, you will receive 25% off all your coffee bean purchases. Peets has quality beans and they are freshly roasted if you buy from their own B&M stores. The combination makes it a great quality value.

There’s no coupon code, the cashiers and the registers should automatically discount them. But to on the safe side, do the math in your head 🙂

You also get a free small cup of coffee with beans purchase. This is an on-going promotion at Peet’s, although it may be at barista’s discretion for smaller purchases (eg 1/4 pound). From the looks of the tweet (see it embedded below), may be everyone who buy any kind of beans will get a free cup 🙂

Peets B&M: Buy any Barista-made Drink, Optionally Buy Bottled Cold Brew for $2

Peet’s Coffee (under the ownership of the big coffee conglomerate) is taking a more interesting path with their Peetniks Rewards program. Not only are they having the conventional rewards, but they also have regular Special Offers that appear in the Mailbox of their app and are also sent to you by email (if you are subscribed to those).

Running at the moment are two offers for their brick and mortar stores.

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How to get your first FREE drink by installing the Peetnik Rewards app [updated]

It didn’t take long! As I mentioned earlier, Peets has now widely launched their Peetnick Rewards program, with a GooglePLAY app too, not just the initial soft launch that was iOS-only.

To encourage people downloading the app, they are offering a free drink when you install it for the first time. Here’s how to get your free drink:

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Peets Launches Peetnik Rewards app more widely with GooglePLAY and iOS

Some Peet’s Coffee region were already beta-running on their new Peetnik rewards program, but now there is a wider launch of this new program, and better yet, apps are available not only for iOS (that was the initial launch) but also GooglePLAY. Their Android app is developed by Paytronix judging by the app ID in the url 🙂

The rewards program is closer to the original Starbucks reward. You earn rewards with check-ins, not the purchase amount. Fifteen check-ins get you a FREE beverage. But more importantly, to celebrate the launch, you earn a FREE drink immediately after your first check-in. This is a one time bonus to encourage everyone to install the app and use it. Good idea 🙂

You also get one free every year unconditionally, on your birthday! I haven’t used it yet, more details on this after I install and use it 🙂 Here’s an annotated explainer of the benefits from their email; I am highlighting the important parts:

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Free shipping at Peets with coupon until 7/16/17

One of the silver lining of Peet’s Coffee having new rich parents is that it can afford more promotions and take more chances. Although apparently the new rich parents did not give them a big enough allowance to make working apps for iOS and Android *meow*

Anyway, good until 7/16/17, coupon code FREESHIP17 gets you free shipping sitewide at their website. This is especially of interest if you have favorite items you want to buy, or if you want to check what’s on sale/clearance. The $11 travel press-cup, and the $15 tea-press look like good deals with free shipping included.