Lucky’s (Sept 22-24): Buy TWO Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Pints for $4 Total

If you are a fan of Ben and Jerry pints of ice cream, we have great news for you! Rent a U-Haul and head over to Lucky’s grocery stores between Friday morning through Sunday night. They have a two for $4 promotion on pints of B&J ice cream! You have to buy in multiples of two to get the $2 per pint price.

IF you buy one pint, the price is not bad either, but it’s more: it’s $3 for the pint. There’s no coupon code to enter, their cash register automatically adjusts prices. But as always, double check before paying or at least before leaving the store, so you can fix it without having to return to the store!

The promotion runs Friday-Sunday, September 22-24 in 2017 at Lucky’s B&M grocery stores.