Peetnik Rewards: 3X Points on $10+ transactions

If you are planning to make coffee or equipment purchases at Peet’s Coffee and you are participating in their Peetnik Rewards program, they have a new Triple Points promotion on purchases of $10+ at their B&M stores.

This has to be $10+ before taxes and other things (eg CRV).

PRO TIP: Because you can use this promotion as many times as you want during the promotional period, if you are planning to make a big purchase, you may want to split it between visits. For example, get one pound of beans today, and another one tomorrow, and then buy the pour-over thing the following day. Instead of buying it all at once. This is of course more practical if you visit there every day or if Peet’s is within your typical routes.

The promotion expires 10/15/17 at the close of business of their individual B&M stores.