ProjectFI offering BOGO (via Service Credit) on Moto X4 phones as long as they get activated

Project FI has a new temptation! They are offering essentially a BOGO on the $249 Motorola Moto X4 Android One phone IF you buy and activate these two phones on two different users on the same Project FI group plan. The “BOGO” is via a service credit. You will get a $249 Project FI service credit, while paying $249 for each of the two Moto X4 phones. Better yet, you can do this in multiples of 2, if you have more users/lines in your FI account.

The promotion just got send via email to existing customers…

The “Terms Apply” brings up these terms and conditions for the BOGO offer:

So far, Project FI has exceeded my expectations. I have one line with them, using the good old Nexus 6, while also using a “Data SIM” with the Sony Xperia L2. All these for under $30 a month! That’s because I’m almost always near fast and free Wi-fi. Otherwise it would get very expensive 🙂