ProjectFI offering BOGO (via Service Credit) on Moto X4 phones as long as they get activated

Project FI has a new temptation! They are offering essentially a BOGO on the $249 Motorola Moto X4 Android One phone IF you buy and activate these two phones on two different users on the same Project FI group plan. The “BOGO” is via a service credit. You will get a $249 Project FI service credit, while paying $249 for each of the two Moto X4 phones. Better yet, you can do this in multiples of 2, if you have more users/lines in your FI account.

The promotion just got send via email to existing customers…

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Motorola Moto X and $80 Project FI credit for $250

On the other hand, if you don’t need an ECHO, and you are determined to start a new Project FI service, then ignore our previous Moto X + ECHO offer, and instead take advantage of a new limited time promotion at Google’s Project FI that gets you the new condition Motorola Moto X4 in the “Android One” version for $250 but that’s not all. You also get an $80 Project FI service credit if you make a purchase and activate the phone by March 17 in 2018. The $80 service credit is only good for NEW FI customers.

This is a pretty good deal, since ProjectFI only charges you data “by the pound”. So you are essentially getting the phone for $170, assuming you will like the Project-FI service and stay with them long enough for the promotional credits to be applied to your account. Regardless, the Moto X4 is an “all carrier” phone so you can use it with other carriers in the future.

I am currently using Project FI with a Nexus 6 [yes, I am on the cutting edge!] and to setup a second Data-SIM only phone as an actual backup to the line. More on that in future blog-posts.

(Unspecified) Mid-price smartphone coming to Project FI

So far, Project FI has been featuring only Nexus and Pixel phones. Of the new condition phones, prices are on the high side with the Pixels and Nexus 6P. For those willing to dig into the used market, more options open up with the Nexus 5X and 6. However, given the uniqueness of the Nexus phones, their price bottom is harder than the typical phone. So a need for something more affordable is mordant 😉

Good news is that responding to a customer’s question on Twitter, Project FI revealed that a new “mid-tier price” smartphone from a “partner” will be coming to Project FI later this year. No further details were given in the tweet, which you can see below…

However, we can have some good educated guesses! Because Project FI is a mix of GSM and CDMA (Sprint), this compatible phone will need to be able to support both out of the box. There is only a small number of such phones that can do this at the moment. Since they are mentioned as “mid tier”, my first thought goes to the Motorola Moto G 4th and 5th generation phones. They are readily available and work with all. And there’s a pre-existing “relationship” between Google and Motorola 🙂

But they are not the only option. A number of other phones are using some of Qualcomm’s all-carrier processors, such as the Snapdragon 625. One such phone is the brand new Alcatel Idol 5S which just launched on Amazon. The product description says that CDMA support (Verizon, Sprint) is coming later this year. Which is when this new “mid-tier” phone is coming.

Considering the level of phones Google has made so far, a Moto G4/G5 or Idol 5S is probably as low as Google would go in terms of performance to showcase Android at its best. If they go lower, not as show-case-y.

I am currently doing the Project FI experiment with a Nexus 6. I switched from T-Mobile to P-FI last month with the good old Nexus 6. A review and more on Project FI is coming up. Spoiler alert: not perfect, but so far so good 🙂