Tom’s of Maine Creamy Coconut Beauty Bar is new $2 Amazon sample

There are over 110 items eligible for redemption of Amazon samples credit in the Lotions and Skin Care category. And now they have added a new $2 sample item that sounds hard to resist. If nothing else, it looks so edible [do NOT eat it]! It’s the Tom’s Of Maine 1.35oz Natural Beauty Bar: Creamy Coconut, with virgin coconut oil! Once this ships, you’ll have a $2 credit to spend on those 110+ items on the first link.

Hoosier Hill popcorn joins Amazon $2 Samples

Amazon continues to expand its Samples selection, and now they have added “Hoosier Hills” popcorn! They have a trio of popcorn $2 samples. Those credits, once the samples are shipped, you can use towards the purchase of these Popcorn redemptions

The $2 samples are:

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Earnest Eats and GFB Bars join the $2 Nutrition Bar Samples

Two more brands have joined the party in the very populous Amazon “Granola and Nutrition Bars” $2 samples category! The new additions are from Earnest Eats and Gluten Free Bar (GFB).

+ Earnest Eats Baked Whole Food Bar, Choco Peanut Butter, 1.9 Ounce
+ Cranberry Lemon Zest – 1.9 oz

+ GFB High Protein Bites, Dark Chocolate Coconut, 4 Ounce
+ GFB Oatmeal Power Breakfast, Apple Cinnamon, 2 Ounce
+ GFB Chocolate Peanut Butter, 2.05 Ounce

As with other samples, you can spend/redeem your $2 credits later on any of the brands eligible for redemption. So this is a good opportunity to try different things but use your credits to buy your favorites. For example, if you are a fan of RxBars, you can buy every single $2 sample from every available different brand, and spend all your credit on the eligible RxBar 12-packs. Nom-nom-nom 🙂

Toothbrush $4 Samples arrive at Amazon

You can’t have toothpastes without toothbrushes, so of course Amazon has also launched a toothbrushes “Amazon Sample” promotion. The price here however is $4 per sample instead of the more common $2.

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Toothpaste $2 Samples arrive at Amazon!

IF you are a fan of toothpastes, or you want to try out different brands and flavors and ingredients, and IF you are a Prime member, you are in luck! Toothpastes have now began invading the $2 Amazon Samples…

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