AmazonFresh: $20 off Turkeys with order total of $100+

AmazonFRESH delivers locally and quickly, it is fresh food after all. If you haven’t bought a turkey yet, AmazonFRESH is running a promotion that gets you $20 off the price of a turkey (select options available over there) when you make an order total of $100+ there. You don’t have to spend $100+ on turkeys, your order total (of everything you buy) has to be over $100.

AmazonFresh requires a Prime membership. Fresh is on top of that, a $15/month membership which you can start/stop at any time. I believe they have a 30-day free trial for new members.

Glad Container or Zipper Bags for $0.25

AmazonFRESH has a new doorbuster! If you are placing an order anyway, you can add to your order your choice of 25c (that’s a quarter, $0.25) of Glad products. Two of the participating, a 5pk of 24oz medium storage containers or a 40 count of freezer bags. I’m not sure how many of these you can buy as the sale price.

In order to buy these, you have to be an AmazonFresh subscriber. In order to be that, you must first be an Amazon Prime subscriber. AmazonFresh is now a month to month service, Netflix style, you pay $15 per month. Previously they had an annual membership of $300 like AmazonPrime but that’s gone now. The previous $300 Fresh subscription included Prime I believe, but you had to prepay it all.

AmazonFresh coupon: $25 off $100+ for new customers

Amazon is trying to tempt/encourage Prime members to give their FRESH grocery delivery service a try. If you haven’t had an AmazonFresh free trial before, and you are curious to try this month to month service, coupon code 25FRESH gets you $25 off your first order of $100+ at Amazon Fresh.

Free shipping there is for orders of $50+, so you’d have to place an expensive order anyway, otherwise you’ll have to pay for delivery, which will probably ruin any good deals you may find there.

This particular coupon promotion expires 12/31/17. You can find all the details about it at the Terms and Conditions page.

Airborne Very Berry Tablets for $0.25 with AmazonFresh orders

Fall is here and the cold and flu season is not that far away. To help people prepare, Amazon Fresh is offering a 10pk of Airborne Very Berry fizzy (Effervescent) Vitamin C tablets on special for just $0.25.

But in order to buy them, you must be an Amazon Fresh member. And to get free delivery, your order total must be $50 or more. In other words, you have to be willing to place a proper order in order to get the freebie. It’s not like regular Amazon where you can buy a deal straight up (unless it’s an ADD-ON item).

AmazonFresh no longer has an annual membership. You pay for it month to month, for as few or as many months as you like. So you can, for example, use it on some months where it is convenient, but not year round.

Only Prime members can become Amazon Fresh members!

25c Pineapple with AmazonFRESH order

Amazon is making a push for AmazonFRESH as well during Prime Day 2017. As we previously mentioned, you can get a 90-day free trial using Alexa, and a $25 off your first $100+ order, among other offers over there.

Now they are …sweetening things (pun intended) with a 25c Pineapple offer. There is no catch to the 25c price itself, but in order to get the pineapple you must needs:

1) be an AmazonFresh member, which means be a Prime member
2) place an order. Orders over $40 get you free shipping, so most people will shoot for a big order otherwise the shipping fee will defeat the free pineapple 🙂

Pay $20 for Amazon Dash Wand, Get $20 credit and 90-day AmazonFRESH Free Trial

With Prime DAY on the horizon, the offers keep on coming at Amazon. This is a bit of an intermediate offer, so I am posting it as a list instead of text 🙂

1. Buy the Amazon Dash Wand (with Alexa) for $20
2. This includes a 90-day Free Trial for AmazonFRESH
3. After you receive the Dash Wand, and after you register it, you will receive a $20 credit towards your future purchases at Amazon. This happens automatically, there’s no coupon code. They typically send an email telling you that the credit has been added to your account (or something like that)

You won’t pay a subscription fee for AmazonFRESH as long as you cancel the service before the free trial expires. If you don’t cancel it, it automatically converts to a $15 per month, month-to-month subscription. You can cancel and restart at any time.

AmazonFresh Doorbuster: $5 for 1lb of Salmon

AmazonFRESH has a doorbuster too. You can get one pound (16 ounces) of Salmon for just $5 through AmazonFRESH. A Prime membership, along with an AmazonFRESH subscription or Free Trial is needed for you to buy this.

NOTE: per two of the customer reviews there, this is farm-raised salmon.

AmazonFRESH: $25 off your first $100+ order

You don’t need ALEXA for this offer, everyone (who is a Prime member) can use this offer. Coupon code FRESH25 gets you $25 off your first order of $100 at Amazon FRESH, Amazon’s fresh grocery delivery service.

You have plenty of time to take advantage of this offer, it expires September 30 (2017) per the terms and conditions over there. Be sure to read them before ordering!

NOTE: AmazonFRESH is only available in some zipcodes, and a Prime membership is a prerequisite in an AmazonFRESH subscription!

Alexa Deal: Score 90-Day Free Trial to Amazon FRESH

Prime Day may be officially starting July 10 at 6pm pacific time, but Amazon has already launched a number of offers on the Prime Day website. One of them is an ALEXA offer, meaning you have to have an Amazon hardware device that is supports Alexa voice ordering.

If you do, and if you are a Prime member (or want to sign-up for a new membership), then you can use ALEXA to start a 90-Day Free Trial to Amazon FRESH. This is Amazon’s fresh groceries to your door service that typically costs $15 per month. It is a month to month service, so if you cancel before the free trial ends, you won’t be charged a monthly fee.

Note however that Amazon FRESH is only available in some regions ~ namely, where Amazon has facilities that can handle fresh food and has the infrastructure for deliveries.

$25 off a $100+ AmazonFRESH order with new 30-day FREE TRIAL

This may be a regional promotion, so you may or may not see if when visiting the AmazonFRESH page. If you start a 30-day FREE TRIAL, you can get $25 off your first order totaling $100 or more over there. If you don’t cancel the membership before the free trial expires, you will be automatically charged $15 per month for the AmazonFRESH membership until or unless you manually cancel it.

Note also that despite the membership fee, you DON’T get free shipping/delivery on FRESH orders UNLESS your order total is $40+. One bonus of the FRESH orders is that you can score some extra bags. In theory you have to return them with future orders, but they don’t ask for them or charge you for them 🙂

25c 48oz Cold Brew Coffee with qualifying AmazonFresh order

If you place a qualifying order (must meet the minimum purchase amount in your region) at AmazonFresh (this is now a month to month service, $15/month, only Prime members can sign-up for it), you can add to your cart a 48oz Stok Cold Brewed Bottled coffee for just $0.25 more according to this latest limited time AmazonFresh promotion.

I haven’t had this coffee before, so I can’t tell you how good or bad it is. The are two options (stock YMMV depending on zipcode), one of the two is unsweetened.

AmazonFresh: One Cent Giant Pumpkin with order

If you are an AmazonFresh member, and you are planning to place an order this week, you can score a monster pumpkin (20 lbs or more) for just a penny! You still have to place a regular AmazonFresh order, so you can’t just get the pumpkin for a penny and nothing else. The promotion is outlined here at AmazonFresh and expires by Friday 10/21/16 at 11:59pm pacific time. You can find the pumpkin at its own page.


Remember, AmazonFresh is no longer an annual membership. You pay $15 per month and you are not obligated to continue past the month you paid. I believe they also offer a 30-day free trial IF you haven’t done a free trial before.

The Prime membership requirement still holds, so you have to be a Prime member before you start a Fresh membership. The new month to month plan is _surprisingly_ a better deal than the previous annual plan. Previously, $300 got you one year of AmazonFresh which included 1-year of regular Prime. Now you buy 1-year of Prime ($100) plus 12 months of AmazonFresh at $15 per month = $280 total. Usually annualized offers a discount. So AmazonFresh became both cheaper and more versatile.

NOTE: availability of the offer may vary from region to region, and only works in regions AmazonFRESH is available!

AmazonFresh now $15/month with 30-day Free Trial and $25/$75+ coupon

If you want to try out AmazonFresh or want to use it on a seasonal basis (eg around the holidays or when specific seasonal fruits/veggies come out), they have launched a new promotion, you can now sign-up on a month to month basis. You still have to be a Prime member before you set a virtual foot in the door. The monthly fee is $15 per month, which comes out to $180 per year, in addition to the standard $100/year Prime membership fee. So it’s still slightly cheaper than $299 AmazonFresh membership. You also get a 30-day free trial.

Better yet, if you haven’t done this before, you can use promo code FRESH25 to get $25 off an order of $75 or more. Deliveries are free with orders of $40+, so if you typically have small orders, this won’t help. AmazonFresh has a mix of fresh and packaged items, so you buy items from the latter if purchases in the former are not $40+. The coupon offer expires 12/31/16.


AmazonFresh has exclusivity of fresh foods at Amazon, but for other, packaged foods, things are more complicated, because you can buy packaged foods in different quantities and different prices in this many different ways:

  • regular purchase
  • Subscribe and Save purchase (often ships from maker)
  • Prime Pantry
  • Prime NOW
  • AmazonFresh

Time for some spreadsheet action to sort them all out 🙂

AmazonFresh $25 off first order with Free Trial and coupon

IF you have never done an AmazonFresh free trial before, they have a new promotion, you can start your free trial and get $25 off your first order at Amazon Fresh with coupon code 25FRESHOFFER entered in the shopping cart. Only select customers in select regions where this is available are eligible for the offer. If you don’t see the offer on the link above, it means you are not eligible for the offer.

Offer ends 9/30/16. Keep in mind AmazonFresh has a $299 annual fee, so if you start a free trial, make sure you cancel it if the service doesn’t work for your needs. The $299 includes the standard Prime membership, so if you are already a Prime member, this is “only” $200 more per year 🙂

$25 off first AmazonFresh order with coupon

If you have never placed an AmazonFresh order before, but you are willing to start a free trial, they have a coupon promotion to entice you, coupon 25FRESHOFFER gets you $25 off the total of your first order. This only includes products from AmazonFresh, not from third-party sellers or gift cards. This must be purchased in one order and limit of one coupon per customer. The promotion is good until 9/30/16.

More details on the offer at the Promotional page.

TL;DR: AmazonFresh is a more expensive version of Prime. It includes the standard Prime along with the grocery door delivery service. This should not be confused with PrimePantry which is part of the regular Prime membership but has a $6 flat delivery fee. And then there’s Subscribe And Save, which is not part of Prime, and everyone can use. And the oldest of all, buying groceries at Amazon like any other item. Deconfused or did I make it worse? 🙂