Attack on Titan Keychain Funko: Levi for $2.50 [limit 3]

Season 3 of Attack on Titan is coming in a few months but in the meantime, you can take Levi with you! Three of them even! The official Levi keychain FunkoPop is now on sale for $2.50, in new condition, at You can buy up to three at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so the price can change or stay the same, no one knows. It is however an Add-On item, so you must place a $25+ order before you can buy it!

Levi (Attack on Titan) FunkoPOP Keychain for $5 [limit 3]

IF you are a fan of keychain Funko POPs and a fan of the anime/manga series “Attack on Titan”, the character “Levi” is currently on sale for $5, in new condition, up to three Levis by customer by Amazon actual. Better yet, this is not currently an Add-On item, so if you are a Prime member, you get this in two days with free shipping (or select slow ship and get the $1 digital credit). This Funko keychain averages 4.8 out of 5 based on seven customer reviews.

But wait, there’s more! The Annie Leonhart keychain Funko POP is on sale for $4.68 with up to three per customer, HOWEVER, it is an Add-ON item, so you must place a $25+ order, elsewise their shopping cart will simply refuse to let you buy it. She kinda looks a bit like the Brienne (of Game Of Thrones) Funko 🙂

Attack On Titan Season 1 BluRay for $28 w/free S&H

Season 1 of the Japanese anime “Attack on Titan” is streaming on Netflix and Hulu. But if you want more content and in BluRay quality, the Season 1 BluRay set (that’s 25 episodes) with some director commentaries and BluRay specials is on sale for $28 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit up to two sets per customer at the sale price.

Season 3 of the Attack on Titan anime is scheduled to come out at some point between Spring and Summer in 2018 and it looks like it will be Season 1 rather than Season 2 length. Season 2 “only” had a dozen episodes.

For a list of episodes, check the very user-friendly epguides website. Not loaded with ads and crap like most entertainment websites these days 🙂

Attack on Titan Colossal Edition #3 for $29 w/free S&H [oversize print paperback]

If you find the standard Attack on Titan print volumes too small, but you still love to have the manga on paper, not just reading online, there are the Colossal Editions. Not only do they include five volumes each, but they are also larger, 10.5 by 7 inches. The name colossal is no joke. This one is 944 pages and 4.4 pounds. So you can use it as a weight during exercise and as a laptop stand too 😉

Which brings us to the Third Colossal edition, covering Volumes 11 to 15. You can find the list of chapter and summaries this includes using Wikipedia or your favorite manga website or wikia. This colossal edition covers chapters #43 to the end of chapter #62. That’s 20 chapters total. DO NOT check the above page unless you read everything. It contains spoiler-y summaries of every volume!

Which finally brings us to the deal at hand. At the moment, Amazon actual is offering the Paperback (print) version of Colossal Edition #3 for the very specific price of $28.86 with free shipping for all. Prime members get free 2-day shipping, while non-members get the usual free super-saver shipping.

That makes it just under $1.50 per chapter. I don’t have this Colossal, but I have Colossal #2 (The Female Titan arc) and it’s quite a monster volume!