Seller Refurbished 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (unlocked GSM, 4G LTE, S-Pen included) for $150

If you want to get your Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone fix while waiting to see what the follow-up to the ill-fated Note 7 (which may have been the best smartphone of all time – ironically), the used market is one way to go. Among the latest eBay Deals, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in seller-refurbished condition for $150 with free shipping by QualityCellz on eBay (99.4%, ships from Southern California). This is model N910, with 32GB on-board storage, microSD slot, and unlocked 4G LTE. No contract – you own the phone upfront!

NOTE if you are planning to use this with a cellphone plan (not as a Wifi-only device), make sure you check the bands are compatible with your carrier(s) of choice. If not certain, check the various Android/smartphone forums, or use your favorite search engine.

The S-Pen is included per the ebay listing. Some claim the Note 4 was the first in the Note series to “get it right” but of course that’s always subject to debate. It came out in 2014, with a Snapdragon 805, and 3GB of RAM which is nice (assume 1GB is eaten up by “TouchWiz”).

NOTE #2: the Note 4 is not currently among the first wave of smartphones supported by CyanogenMOD-Reborn, aka LineageOS. I wish they gave it a better name. LineageOS sounds like an ancestry-obsessed fan club 🙂

[DEAD] Scratch and Dent Samsung Galaxy Former-Flagship deals

This daily deal expired…
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Certified Preowned Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for $240 with coupon (T-Mobile)

Note temptations! Without a contract. Certified pre-owned. Okay, let’s start from the beginning. Coupon code CPO60 (CPO for Certified Pre Owned) is a $60 off discount on the current price of the certified pre-owned Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the T-Mobile website. This drops it from $300 to $240.

That’s yours to keep, no contract, no payments if you pay the full $240 upfront. If you are a new customer, their shopping cart will automatically add a $15 SIM Starter Kit to your shopping cart, and it won’t let you remove it. Not a very Uncarrier thing to do 🙂

This phone came out during the reign of Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean), and has a Snapdragon processor, with 3GB RAM, 32GB on-board plus microSD slot, the all-important S-Pen, and things like that.

Certified Preowned Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) w/1yr warranty for $250 [no contract]

More Note temptations, especially if you are fond of the microSD card which Samsung took away with this year’s model. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the Verizon version, in either black or white, is now on sale for $250 with free shipping in certified pre-owned condition (without contract) at by Amazon actual. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

This offer is currently restricted only to Prime members. If you must have it and you are not a Prime member, you can always start a Prime Free Trial (30 days)… The S-Pen’s siren’s call is hard to resist 🙂

Since it is a Verizon phone, if you plan to use the cellular part, you have to use it on a Verizon-compatible network, but you can always use it over Wifi.

3pk Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen protectors for 99c shipped

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone (or planning to purchase it real soon), 99 cents is all it takes to get you three screen protectors for it. Use coupon code QJ3P2Y82 to get this iLLumi Shield 3-pack for $0 plus 99c flat shipping. The seller is Talkie Tech Inc, that’s the one who provides the coupon. Expiration date is unknown.

Refurbished Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon with GSM unlocked) for $190

Galaxy Note temptation if you are a higher risk shopper and willing to buy seller-refurbished products. The seller-refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a former Verizon phone with its GSM part unlocked, is offered in either black or white for $190 with free shipping by eBay seller MobilePros1 (97.6%) with a limit of five per customer.

There is no mention of warranty but they offer a 14-day return policy from receipt date. This has 32GB on-board plus micro SD. Check the bands over there if you plan to use it with a GSM provider. No contract – you own it! Around 2000 units of this sold so far according to the eBay statistics as of the time of writing.

With the new Samsung flagship phones moving away from microSD cards, this is another decision point to consider. But again, keep in mind, there’s no warranty and it is seller refurbished, higher risk means lower price. So here we are 🙂

Refurbished Galaxy Note III (Verizon) for $200

If you want a Galaxy Note 3 to use Wifi-only or on the Verizon network, and you are comfortable with the increased risk of seller-refurbished smartphones, eBay seller “ChubbiesTech” (98.8%) is offering the seller-refurbished black Samsung Galaxy Note III, model SM-N900V, for $200 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. Nearly 600 units sold from this offer so far. Keep in mind, this can only work on Verizon’s cellular network. Or you can use it with Wifi. No contract, you own it! The S-Pen siren’s call 🙂

[DEAD] Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (CDMA) for $190

This offer sold out…
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Refurbished Galaxy Note II (Verizon) for $130 {no contract}

If you love the idea of the Galaxy Note and S-Pens but don’t want to pay a lot or get tied up in a contract, and you are a higher risk shopper (eg comfortable with seller refurbished items), among the latest offers on eBay is the seller refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 2, model SCH-I605, with Verizon cellular hardware, for $130 with free shipping, in the black color scheme, with a limit of five per customer. Nearly 500 units sold so far from this listing. The seller is “GuaranteeCellular” (98.7%). The listing says clean ESN. They come with a 14 day money back guarantee but no additional warranty. No contract!

Seller Refurbished Galaxy Note 3 for $250 (GSM unlocked)

If you can resist the very expensive temptation of the new Note 4 or Edge, and you can be happy with the previous generation Note 3, there’s a pretty tempting offer at the eBay Deals. It is the seller refurbished Galaxy Note 3 offered for $250 (was $295) with free shipping by eBay seller “bidallies” (98.4%) with a limit of five per buyer. Over 7200 of them got sold from this offer so far according to the stats over there. [Price Updated here 5/20/15]

This is described as a B+ Stock, so don’t expect cosmetic perfection. This is model N900, with 32GB on-board storage, factory unlocked, GSM. No contract, which is what makes it tempting. You can use it as a Wifi-only device, or with any compatible GSM provider. The all-important S-Pen and other accessories are included.

[DEAD] Refurbished Galaxy Note II (Freedompop 4G LTE) for $170

As of 5/18/15, this offer is no longer available…

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Refurbished Galaxy Note 4 (N910A) for $480 [unlocked, GSM]

Note temptations! If you must have the latest Note 4, but don’t want to get hog-tied in a contract or pay the crazy new-condition no-contract price, there is the refurbished option, and right now, the featured eBay Deal of the day is the manufacturer refurbished Note 4 (GSM N910A) offered for $480 with free shipping, in either white or black, by eBay seller “QualityCellz” (99%). This is unlocked!

Per the listing, it says: “Unlocked) Opened for Unlocking- Great Deal – Great Condition. Samsung Warranty. Works with any GSM”. Nom-nom!

Seller refurbished Samsung Note 3 (unlocked) for $294 [big drop]

If you are comfortable with purchasing seller-refurbished unlocked smartphones, among the latest eBay Deals, you can get the B+ Stock seller-refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (N900), GSM, for $294 (was $400) with free shipping. It is only available in the white color scheme. The other color schemes sold out.

UPDATE (3/3/15): the price dropped from $400 to $294 since the original post in early February 2015.

Refurbished Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317) for $170 [AT&T]

On the sub-$200 no-contract former-flagship front, you can get the seller refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note II SGH-I317, an AT&T phone, for $170 with free shipping, in either white or gray, with a limit of five per buyer. Per the listing, this has a clean IMEI for AT&T activation. Or you can use it as a Wifi-only device. This is two generations ago, it came out back in the Jelly Bean days.

[DEAD] Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Verizon) for $290

This eBay offer expired…

If you are looking to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note, without a contract, and preferably as a Wifi-only device, among the latest spotlight deals, you can get the manufacturer refurbished Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900V (Verizon) for $290 with free shipping and a 60 day warranty. No contract! The phone is yours the moment you pay for it. The seller is “yapper_wireless” (98.4%). It is available in gray only, with a limit of five per buyer. This has 32GB on-board storage plus microSD.