Spend 1400+ Plenti Points at Exxon, Get 300 Back

This is a great deal if you have a car! If you refill your car at an Exxon-Mobil gas station and spend at least 1400 Plenti Points ($14 equivalent) to pay for your gas refill, you will earn 300 Plenti points back. You have until 12/31/17 to do this. FIRST though you must activate the offer in your Plenti account using their website or app.

This is an awesome offer, assuming you stay close to a $14 refill, eg $15, it’s like getting 20% back! If you don’t have enough points now, Rite Aid is running a lot of weekly gift card Plenti point promotions, so that’s an easy way to stock up on Plenti points. There are many of 500 Plenti points on $25 gift card offers!

New twist on T-Mobile Tuesday: you can send some offers to a friend

T-Mobile is launching a new twist with some of the “Tuesday” offers. Two of the offers in the Tuesday 1/24/17 group are not only good for you, but you can also send them to a friend. You still get yours, regardless of whether you send to a friend or not. The two offers that have this feature are the FandangoNOW movie rental (rent one movie up to $5), and a 25c discount per gallon on a Shell gas station fill-up (this is really a coupon, not a freebie).

The other offer that is running (and cannot be sent to a friend) is a $15 off discount on a Lyft ride. With Uber getting more customer and mindshare and almost becoming a verb, Lyft has to find other ways to get more people in the door (so to speak). One thing that works well for challengers to the #1 is letting people try your products or services for free or heavily discounted. Hence this 🙂

The gift cards mentioned are NOT freebies
When look at the website there, you’ll see something about gift cards. These are NOT freebies. The gift cards ar part of the prizes. To win prizes, you have to punch that magenta wall. You get one punch per line, not per customer. You have to be logged on to that particular line per punch. Most of the time you “win” the freebies but some people (presumably) win some of the prizes. So the following $5 and $10 gift cards are not freebies for all, but only prizes!

As you can see in the screenshot below, the freebies have that magenta gift next to their name. The gift cards are prizes, there is no magenta gift logo next to them:

Starting December 10: double Plenti Points on Weekend Gas Purchases

Especially if you do a lot of driving in weekends this December, starting on the 10th of the month, you can earn twice as many Plenti points on gas purchases at participating Exxon-Mobil stations. This offer is currently teased in “preview mode” on the Plenti website. It will go live on December 10 (2016), so make sure you check and sign up on that date if you are interested in it.


Twice the points is not a lot unless you drive a lot. It’s basically one penny per gallon, but on a road trip or if you visiting friends and relatives up and down the interstate on weekends, it adds up quickly 🙂

YMMV: 10% back on Gas Purchases with AMEX

This is a YMMV promotion that may be available as part of the AMEX Offers. Of the two AMEX credit cards I have, only the AMEX Blue showed this promotion in my account, but there’s no guarantee that every Blue cardmember will be offered this promotion. So there’s a big YMMV. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible is to logon to your AMEX account and check the Offers section below the summary. If you are eligible, you should see something like this (screenshot below):


Once you add the offer to your account, you have until the end of September 2016 to use it. You get 10% back every time you make a gas purchase until then. The maximum statement credit you’ll get from this promotion is $25, in other words $250 in gas purchases. This offer is stackable with the Plenti rewards program, so you’ll earn some points there too. I’m assuming it’s also stackable with the 2X Gas Earnings that’s a default feature of the AMEX Blue.

Once you add to your card, you also receive a nice confirmation email from AMEX (screenshot below):


Plenti Rewards: Earn 2x points at Exxon-Mobil during February 2016

If you are participating in the Plenti Rewards program, a new automatic offer has gone live on your account (double check to make sure since I can only check my own account). It gets you 2x points on purchases made at participating Exxon-Mobile gas stations. You typically earn 1 point per gallon, but with this offer, you get 2 points per gallon.

(An Automatic Offer in this case means you don’t have to manually opt-in for it, it goes live on its own).


With gas prices being where they are now, this is only 0.5% cashback (assuming $2 per gallon), however, this is an addition to any other rewards you earn on your purchase by paying with a credit card. Both Discover and Chase offer 5% rewards in Q1 on gas purchases (up to $1500 per credit card for the quarter).

Speaking of Plenti points, don’t forget, you have until the close of business on Saturday 2/7/16 to take advantage of the 500 points on $25 Google Play Gift Card with a limit of two per customer. This is essentially a virtual 20% off discount on anything you buy with the purchased gift card.

Chase has the same 5% cashback categories as Discover for Q1 2016

It looks like we are having a quarterly face-off between Discover and Chase in Q1 of 2016. We already mentioned that Discover’s Q1 5% Cashback is Gas and Ground Transportation services, and guess what? The same category is also offered for Chase for the same time period (January 1st through March 31st). The usual limit of $1500 per quarter per credit card applies.


As you can (barely) see above, this is not just gas, but also a variety of other transportation services, including buses, trains, taxis, and subways. But not everything is covered, for example, Amtrak, parking fees and tolls are EXCLUDED! Check your account page for more details.

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