2-Year Prepaid Kindle Unlimited for $6/month [$144 one time payment]

If you love reading the millions of e-books now found in the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program, Amazon is running a sale on prepaid subscriptions as part of their 10-year anniversary.

A two year prepaid KU subscription drops to $144 in the shopping cart. There’s no coupon to enter, it just magically drops from $240 to $144 in the shopping cart (40% off). This comes out to $6 per month when you do the math ($144 divided by 24). The regular month-to-month price for Kindle Unlimited it $10 per month.

As expected, the 1-year prepaid plan has a smaller discount, it is 33% off, so the $120 one-time annual fee drops to $80, which averages to $6.67 per month.

These prices are only for this prepaid subscription term. Renewals will be at the regular prices.